Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Royally dragged!

It is the second time I am posting a conversation (almost verbatim). This time the other guy ensured he royally dragged me into an uncalled-for discussion...

Him: hi suresh where are you...
Him: busy...
Me: i am at b'lore. (I swear I had no clue who he was...But somehow got convinced that he knew me..)

Me: sorry i can't recall much from ur id ...
go ahead and refresh my memory ..
Him: what are you doing
Me: i can't quite recall ur acquaintance.. ur id isn't revealing much about u either
Him: i didn't understand
Me: i din't get ur full name from the id..
so i can't quite recall who u r ..
Him: my full name is ***
u r name...
Me: (U know it)...

Him: are you employee
Me: of?
Him: where are you working
Me: i am working with XYZ...
Him: where is it..
Me: in b'lore
how abt u?
Him: i am now in (name removed for security reasons!! LOL.. I like secrets!!)
resentley (he meant recently i suppose..) i have completed my mcse in iiht and i am mcp certified
Me: okies.. have we met b4?
Him: your native place???
Me: where exactly..
Him: i want to know your home town
Me: ABC..
Him: where is it
Me: in karnataka :P
where r u from?
Him: i am from *%#$...
Me: hey there seems to be a serious miscommunication here.. i can't even vaguely recall any acquaintance with u...
tell me.. how did u get to know about me??
Him: i will not tell you... only tel
Me: i have no clue boss (I think he wanted me to guess who he was :P)
Him: Do you speak kannada...
Me: yep!!!
Him: what is your mother tongue..
Me: how does it make a diff? (Just wanted to come across as someone linguistically neutral... LOL!!!)
Him: what is diff between yep and yes
(Pause...) are you online....
Me:both of them fortunately mean the same :)
Him: ok
Me: would you mind letting me know how I happen to know u or either way?
Him: can i speak to you?
Me: yeah.. but tell me how u know me..
Him: i dont know.. today only i got your chat id..
Me: i can't take the call... i am at the office (Quite busy with work :P)
Him: ok wen you will recive my call
Me: i have no Internet at home.... (I have gotten it disconnected temporarily..)
Him: ok give me your no i will sms you..
Me: what is it that u want to ask?
Him: your are a Internet friend
Me: okies.. but you can ask me anything over the chat itself right?
Him: ok shell we chat
Me: i am already :P (I wonder if what we had b4 was eligible to be termed chat..)
Him: what about your education
Me: wait.. is this some kinda.. typical interview or what??
Him: i am a student what about you
Me: i work with XYZ.. i think i mentioned it earlier as well
Him: ok sorry... from how many day are you working..
Me: for quite sometime now..
wht can i do for you?? (As if I could do anything for him :P)
i am just cutting the chat shorter..
Him: i want to know
Me: ???
Him: ok... what is your age
Me: hey *** i will chat with u ltr.. if u need anything in specific let me know.. just want cut this thing really short and wanna make it to the point
hope u don't mind...
Him: ok wait...
ok i want to know what the interviewer will ask at first time..
Me: that depends on the kind of interview...
If it is technical, they might want to know ur technical skills
else it will more of soft skills that people look for in an HR interview
Him: do you have any hr interview questions?
Me: u might get a lot of them on the Internet
just google it out ..
Him: in internet i will get more but is there any specific...
Me: nothing specific as such
Him: ok
i have created a blog do you want to see
Me: sure.. (Well everyone blogs these days!!)
Him: there are my trip photos..
Me: okies.

Him: (His blog URL) I don't wanna add it here as it would reveal a lot more than what I need to reveal about him..
Me: i will check it out ltr..
Me: cya. gotta leave..
Him: ok bye...

I have absolutely no issues with such people except that they almost always don't come to the point!! In short I hate to be dragged into any unsolicited conversations.. Plz.. spare me!!!

~IT's My Life

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