Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ten things you wouldn't find me blogging about.

Niveditha has tagged me yet another time. I had the option to choose between two tags. I chose to do the following one.

10 secrets that I’d kept out of my blog:
  1. I am not a great fan of cricket. If you ever happen to find anything referred to cricket, even remotely, just check if you hit the right URL.
  2. I ain't a great cook. So all you tindi potas out there you better not expect a post or two from my side on how to prepare new dishes!
  3. I hate hypocrisy. Period!
  4. I actually follow a lot of blogs that aren't listed in my blog roll.
  5. The person who inspired me to kick start blogging is in my blog roll. I shall leave the better half of discovering who it is, to you guys!
  6. I hate politics to the core. So if you happen to find anything on politics on this blog, let me know. I shall delete this bullet.
  7. I hate to write those "Ten things to blah blah..." stuff of my blog, even if it costs me dearly in terms of my page rank. Google adsense isn't helping me pay my bills anyway!
  8. I always try to look at positive side of things. For eg: Dwindling comments on your blog is actually a healthy sign for you. In the long run you might eventually get inspired to quit blogging and do yourself a great deal of favor. Not to forget, this entire blogosphere as well. That's optimism for you guys!
  9. I actually want to rant a lot about some funny stuff I read about meta blogging.
  10. 95% of what I write is straight from my gut. The rest is truth!
This one goes unnumbered. Something like, "You know that is larger than being bulleted kinda stuff." I actually hate those captchas that appear at the end of a post in blogger. They are rendered so horribly.

PS: Being humorous is one thing and being pathetic is another. If you figured out the difference between the two by now, it's good. Else god bless you!

~IT's My Life

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

When I figured out what being busy is all about...

It has been quite sometime since I posted something on my blog. Wahi office ka kaam! Nope... I am not hyperbolizing. I dunno if it is for the good or the bad or the ugly, I have been quite busy with some office work. In fact I finally figured out for the life of mine, what being busy is all about. I got loads to share with you guys... It is just that I'm unable to make time for myself and this blog of mine. But I must confess that I'm enjoying every bit of it.

I hope that I shall devote some quality time in the near future and rant on some useful things on my blog!

PS: Adi would be glad to see such micro posts from me. But lemme tell you something... You aren't gonna be lucky for too long Adi!

~IT's My Life

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