Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Strategic Inflection Point in VTU...

In my previous blog entry, I had mentioned about my final year project, that I was doing along with my batch mates @ a consultancy firm @ Bengaluru. I am finally done with it. Our project is titled, 'FM based data transmission to control remote application'. It was a great learning experience. Our project involves both the software coding (in Java and C) as well as hardware part that employs concepts of FM based data transmission. it was truly a nice exposure to the basics of Java, given the fact that I happen to come from E&C background, and we don't have it in our curriculum. There is still a lot of scope for enhancement of features to existing code. The project is basically controlling the Windows application (windows 2000) remotely using a DTMF keypad, using FM.

Now to the crux of the issue. I was wondering why we had to pursue our final year project at a consultancy firm, paying them a hefty amount. As I look back at the project in entirety, I feel its not that complex at all, both the coding as well as the hardware part of it. But, yes there is always this word, BUT! I stand @ a point in my engineering career, where my curriculum, by now, should have provided me with ample opportunities to carryout projects and gain the hands-on experience by working on projects and executing them. But unfortunately, VTU's unscientific (it pathetically fails in this regard) curriculum, gives students no such opportunities at all. I envy the syllabus of my friends who are pursuing their BE in other streams, like CSE and ISE. At least they got a project in 6th sem and they can apply the concepts they learn and develop projects (with almost zero monitory stakes!) Come to E&C, the story is all different. It involves a lot of investment and u are never sure if u will end up succeeding @ what had set out for. I have largely felt that my curriculum has very little scopes for practical exposure as against my other counterparts. I feel I am crippled when some one comes up to me asks, "Do you know how a circuit is to laid out on a PCB? ", thats the level of lack of exposure, that we have got here! Its hardly a handful of people back here who know about these things. Even though it might be astonishing for people from other streams, to know that we people posses such low levels of practical knowledge in electronics, but the fact is we are literally tied up to a curriculum that forces u remember so many theories and unrelated derivations, that there is hardly any effort to teach students anything in parallel about the practical aspects of the things we learn.

The biggest moment of your engineering career and probably the to-be turning point of your career, the final year project. I was very excited about doing it independently. But at the same time, I was also very skeptical of my abilities to do it independently. I was sure that I wouldn't wanna end up in to a potentially risky situation. Given the fact that I had absolutely nil experience, when it came to the practical experience of carrying out a project, and so were my fellow project mates. It might sound very really awkward that why do people here 'out-source' (thats what some people here consider it as. Its actually equivalent to doing a project in any other company. But the difference is that u end up paying here, as against being paid by the company for doing a project for them. You are fully aware of what you are implementing) their final year projects to a consultancy firm? Don't they have the potential to do it on their own? Is it worthy to pay these so called 'Salvager firms' such hefty amounts to get your job done?

Before you pass out a judgment about my potentialities and mercilessly condemn me for completing my project outside, I would wanna question to all those VTU people who have resorted in to illogical practices of framing syllabus for us. I got a few question to ask the VTU people who have literally forced an us to an SIP (Strategic Inflection Point):

1. I question the objectivity of VTU, which has prescribed 4 subjects for the final sem, along with a project and seminar. With the time stipulated being awfully little (roughly 3 months), I doubt if people who have dared to complete their project work on their own, will succeed to the fullest. Its note worthy to mention that you are not awarded for 'trying' something on your own. They want results!!!

2. The syllabus before revision of our current syllabus had provisions which allowed students to take up company projects. These projects required students to complete them over a period of 2 months or so by working @ their firm. The biggest advantage of doing such projects was, not only did one get to learn latest technologies, but also had a great opportunity to work on his/her domain of interest. But with VTU bringing in 4 subjects and with my college's literally cluttering the schedules, such an opportunity is not open for us. (it excludes bengalurians, who have a very relaxed time table in 8th sem and the feasibility in terms of commuting to the offices of IT firms in bengaluru regularly, gives them an undue advantage over students from other non-begaluru colleges!) Now thats exactly why I was forced to take up a project @ a consultancy firm, paying them a lofty amount, which would at least ensure that I would learn what I liked to, and the project outcome was sure, no matter how complex it was supposed to be. That was an un- avertable issue. Folks, the so called 'Genius Minds' who set up the curriculum for us need look in to this issue!!!

3. Why is it that VTU stresses more in our curriculum to 'remember' too many things, rather than apply what we learn? Our syllabus is more cramming oriented, rather than the one which compels you to think something offbeat and apply what you learn. I can hardly conjure its objectivity of flooding our syllabus with too many theory subjects in each sem. The focus has to shift towards providing more practical exposure to its students. I wonder if any one is listening?

4. Why is it that I am made to literally gobble and puke so many things in the exams, when I know I would never know its actual application in real life? To cite an example how unscientific my curriculum is, lemme quote this situation. We learn DSP as a core subject in 5th sem, but to really know about its applications and appreciate the beauty of the subject, one needs to understand the real life application of concepts like filters, used in sound systems (see the ads of Sony, that says something about 'Noise Cancellation' on its new MP3 player). But to our bad luck, we have the lab in 7th sem. The worst awaits when your profis grumble in the lab about you being so oblivious to concepts you learnt in previous sem. Let me be very pragmatic here, its really a burden for us to re-collect things back in 7th sem, when its best to perform the lab in 5th sem. Its been a very daunting and a terrible experience for me in 7th sem. The lab was full utterly chaotic and none of us knew where were we were heading towards and what were we supposed to do?

SIP, a term coined by Andrew S Grove, in his book 'Only the paranoid survive', stresses on the importance to adopt to the change and hence survive the crisis points. I feel that we too are facing an SIP, we have been hit hard by a 10x force, that has swept many of us off our grounds and caught even the best out here, off guard. Some have been wise enough to know its 'implications' and have suitably 'adopted' to it. Then what is this 10x force? Its the need for students to cope up with the task of completing their final year project amidst the whole fuss of having to learn 4 theory subjects, in an 'exponentially' cluttered time-table (watch out its not gonna be easy folks!). The task gets really arduous if you happen to do it independently. The project obviously needs to be something substantial, considering the fact that its instrumental in deciding very well, your fate when you hunt for a job off campus as a fresher! So I feel pursuing my project at a consultancy firm was not a bad option, even if it meant I was to pay them dearly!!! I have done a project in which I was pretty much interested in. I feel its worth the money I payed.

I feel its high time that the people @ VTU realize their blunders and set right their wrong doings. I just jot this one down with a shimmering hope, that some day they will awaken to reality, before something distasteful happens!

PS: I think that we have been deprived of a wonderful opportunity to take up company projects, by cluttering our syllabus with 4 theory subjects. While the majority of my resources in 8th sem should have been devoted to my final year project, am left with an arduous task of having to learn 4 theory subjects and along with my project (which requires me to learn Java in addition) and a seminar. There will surely be a shift in the focus of resources, thats bound to take place as the sem kicks off. Things are gonna get really tough to manage!!!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bhagam Bhaaag amidst the Bheed Baad!!!

This one comes straight from the keypads of a cyber cafe @ Marthahalli, where I am currently staying @ K's place. Its a good 1.5hrs from BCS, a consultancy firm near MSRIT, where I am doing my final year proj. Sad to see majorty of the ppl conversing in all languages except kannada (very few souls whole who haven't been infected with the non-kannda endemic, manage to speak kannada). Adding a bit of linguistic diversity eh?

As I had written abt this in my prev post, I have come over to b'lore and my goodness, the city's pace is rocking! Ek dum F1 race ki tharah hai!!! But I am loving it. It is a scheduled stay of 12 days, for my final year project. Hope to make the most out of my stay here. The room in which we stay, also is pretty close to the b'lore airport, so u can manage to catch a glimpse of, and listen to the sounds of crusing planes, literally every 20 min.

Commuting in BMTC buses has been a phenomenal experience, with a fab flavour of its over crowdedness and my need to switch buses to reach my destinations. Thnx to the ringroad that connects marathahalli to New BEL circle, which is just a short distance away from the consultancy firm. An alternate path would otherwise have been an exhausting and painful 3+hrs of commutation.

Given the fact that I am complete newbie here in b'lore, I am really developing new techniques make a note of node points, that happen to pass in the way of my commutation, so that I really don't lose track of my route! Today was a real exp, coz I just happened to get down @ a wrong place and it was a painful walk of 3-4 Kms back to my desti. My cell phone has really helped me overcome this problem as it shows the area that I am curently in. Just in case I lose track, I am always made known abt my location!

I am planning to have a hangout with s, m, k and others who would be joining me shortly. Hope to have real blast. Just got a few plans to explore the silicon city a bit! Its an awesome exp being here!

The proj schedule is also pretty hectic (along with the commutation). It is really taking a toll of me. But I just wanna c this all, coz I need to adopt to it sooner or later!

Its quarter past 9 in the night and time for some dinner. K's cooking something back in his room... I will update u more on my stay here in the silicon sity, bengaluru shortly. Bye...

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Check 1 2 3... Is this a reality show?

Off late the electronic media has exaggerated the so called reality shows. Almost every other channel airs a reality show today. It has proved to be sure shot method of manifolding the number of audiences. As I googled the net to get a rough estimate of its figures, I was literally caught off guard. Boy! One can enlist a gazillion such shows, providing scrumptious fodder to nibble to all its athirst viewers. What amazes me even more, is the kind of response it often gets from its targeted audience, who largely decide the TRP ratings of such shows and decide if should be hitting the television charts at the prime time.

At the end of 90s, there was the need for a change in what the tv shows had to offer to its viewers. It was time for a total make over. The same old saas-bahu saga, wasn't gonna be holding back the audiences who were desperate to see something 'REAL' and something 'ORIGINAL', that was never screened before. The indication was clear, they called for the reality shows to hit the drawing rooms.

If one can trace back, to the origin of such shows in India, one discovers that they have morphed themselves from time to time, and have been packaged and re-packaged and sold back to its audiences. It all began with the so called 'Talent Hunt' shows, which included the famous, the then TVS SAREGAMA, aired by ZEE network. With the instant popularity of these kinda shows, the tv channels had found out a new formula for success, they termed them, 'The Reality Show'.

BIG B' Salvager, The KBC.

As time progressed the same 'Talent Hunt' shows acquired broader dimensions and succeeded to attract the masses. The biggest landmark amongst such shows, was the KBC, the Indian avatar of 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'. With Mr. Bacchan's career on a record low, the show proved a real boon, to salvage his otherwise doomed career and also laid down conducive environment to gravitate many more shows of the same genre. Boy! star plus was minting money then! It was a phase when every other private channel tried to catch up with KBC, and how miserable were their attempts? Literally every other channel aired a show similar to KBC, but none came close to its fame, needless to say who made the difference.

Shan, the real shaan of Zee's SAREGAMAPA challenge.

Sony's Talent Hunt show.

Soon Zee hit back with its SAREGAMAPA challenge 200x (that includes both for kids and couple and solo singer's competition). It was aiming to recapture its 'lost' audience, who were now under the clutches of Star plus and Sony entertainment television. The other shows included Fame Gurukul of sony and Indian Idol of the same channel. The shows came out with the concept of voting via sms , e-mails and landlines. These shows registered new landmarks, by having millions of messages via e-mail, sms and phone calls from their audience, who voted their favorites. Dude what a season for Airtel, Hutch and others, unki to chandi nahi heera lag chuki hogi!!!

MTV's Rodies, youth's shortcut to fame!

Arshad warsi, anchor of BIG BOSS

The most striking feature of all these shows, were that they were all 'inspired' by international shows. The off late avatars of Big Boss (Sony entertainment television), MTV Roadies, Fame X etc all the re-incarnations of the international shows like Big brother and so on... I closely follow the above 3 shows, and I am proved beyond any doubt that their sole purpose is to rob the audiences of their money in the name reality shows, while they actually look so very scripted and meticulously edited to feed the audiences with just the flavor they need! I strongly raise objections on the ingenuity of such shows and their purpose, for they seem simply bizzare! The recent racism episode in 'Big Brother' involving the victimized shilpa shetty, simply disgusts me. I mean why the f**K should one be taking such things, staking one's dignity! Shilpa shetty doesn't deserve it. The same is the case here with its sibling, Big Boss, where Rakhi Sawant's vociferation is intolerable. People fight over petty things and it all looks so funny! (Carol's hindi can make anyone puke effortlessly).

Oops forgot this show on Zee, its called The Idea Zee Cine Star Contest, with a slogan, 'Ab Bollywood door nahin'. I must say, u gotta pity those poor souls, who shell out all their energy in front of the so called jury, who can hardly change the course of their life and provide opportunity to these real talents. I am sure none would show the courage to invest on these so called budding talents! Even if they do, I doubt their sustainance levels.

I got a few basic questions to be asked to all these so called reality show owners:

1. Most of the so called talent hunt shows have been, literally of the type, 'Look mommie I made it big kinda ones!'. I wonder what happened to the equally talented Vineets, Amith saanas and many more. What have these shows done to ensure these talents sustained in the industry! How many of them actually endure a successful career in this entertainment industry?

2. Its hard for me comprehend the idea of shows like 'Fear Factor' (although its Indian version is more mild). I don't see any sense in testing the courage of a person by having him gulp a cocktail of lizards, crickets or cockroaches. Yak! C'mon people u can't get so insane. I am okies with other stunts they are asked to do.

3. Its the Big Boss again. It fails to even remotely convince me of its objectivity. I am truly amazed to see the different shades of its participants! They behave so childishly, especially the Raghinis, Ravi, carols and Rakhis really so sucking! Is this some formal training academy for politicians or what?

4. I also question the integrity of shows like Fame X, where Palash is often seen slashing back @ the jury, whenever the jury highlights a shortcoming in the performance of any participant! I mean you gotta make sense somewhere dude! If they aren't given at least that much of an authority, go F**k yourself, why do you need them?

PS: The day I find convincing answers to the above would be surely the Doom's day! I am sure these shows fail to hold the credibility and also lack the basic objectivity to provide justice to talents. Its high time we wake up to reality and really question their credibility. Is someone listening?

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Friday, January 12, 2007

In search of objectivity...

I was supposed to take a break! The movie I watched yesterday, for sure gave me the much needed break.

I came across these set of Qs and thought I should be giving it a try and c if I can truly substantiate my existence in the blogosphere. S, V1 and V2 have constantly been doubting the objectivity of my blogging! Here I have tried to answer those very questions...

1. Do you like the looks and content of your blog?
I feel that they are a part of the package that u r offering to your blog readers, along with the content.

2. Does your family know about your blog?
Yep! My dad knows about it and my bro also knows that I am a passionate blogger! The rest of my family members are pretty much unaware of this tool!

3. Can you tell your friends about your blog?
Yes. I have made it known to a lot of my friends. For me blogging gives a sense of liberation. Its a wonderful tool to share my thoughts, ideas and have a say on almost everything, right from the cat jumped over my table stuff to who is US to hang saddam?

4. Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog?
I mostly read the blogs I have blog rolled regularly and try to comment as well. It has sort of helped me build a rapport and make new friends in the blogosphere. But having said that I also read other blogs every now and then, mostly via other's blog roll.

5. Did your blog positively affect your mind?
9/10 times it has a positive impact on me. It has changed my perspective and also I have realized that it’s not suchha different world altogether. I can mostly relate to other stories of other ppl with that of mine.

6. What does the number of visitors to your blog mean?
To be frank, I was initially allured by this stats stuff, which was centered around the figures like how many hits per day and so on. But off late diversity in blog readers is what matters to me more than their mere number. To reach a wider audience is more important!

7. Do you imagine what other bloggers look like?
If they happen to post their pic, the I guess I can figure out! I suppose most of them belong to this milky way galaxy!!! Are there any ETs blogging? Lemme know :)

8. Do you think blogging has any real benefit?
Absolutely. I firmly believe that not only does this help u review yourself from time to time, but also improve your thought process by having an opportunity to read about people whose exp are real and not cooked up!

9. Do you think that the blogosphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world?
Not really. It’s just a part and parcel of this internet. I think they have evolved as a strong platform to showcase your voice aptly to the world outside. In India it’s yet to scale greater heights. I am sure the days are not far, when u will be looked up on as an ET if u don't blog!!!

10. Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?
I firmly believe in freedom of thought and expression. What better can be a tool to publicize your political stance than a blog? I am not really scared of any such blogs!

11. Do you think criticizing your blog is useful?
I feel that my blog is dynamic and any system that is dynamic needs a feed back. It need not always be a praise; it could be criticism as well. I feel constructive criticism is always helpful for improvement.

12. Have you ever thought what would happen to your blog in case you died?
Hmmm.... Not really! I wonder that it would stay there at some corner in the blogosphere, holding back all my memories in text and graphic, always reminding people of what I thought and believed in.

13. Which blogger has had the greatest impression on you?
I wouldn't call it as impressed but rather call it as impact. A lot have done it. I really appreciate bloggers for the originality of their content, their ability to separate fact from fiction, with utter distinction. I truly admire a few bloggers! (Just scroll down my blog roll for confirmation)

14. Which blogger do you think is the most similar to you?
I haven't really met anyone of my wavelength yet! But I feel each blog is unique in its own way as every Bollywood movie is unique, in spite of the same old romantic saga. LOL.

15. Name a song you want to listen to.
Ah! That depends mostly on my mood! I am more inclined to listening to Hindi music of all genres. I really admire Kishore Kumar and SPB.

PS: I feel a lot more assured of the purpose and my passion seems to be quite strong. I shalt blog until I lose both!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Taking a break!

Thats exactly what I needed after those hectic 7th sem exams. They had literally rendered me sleepless and of the little naps that I could get to catch, were haunted by those exotic subjects prescribed by VTU. Phew! I finally am done with it. The biggest irritation of the sem was the crap subject called CIP (constitution of India and professional ethics). I wonder which noble soul proposed this to be added to our curriculum. It was suchha yak subject!

Having talked about taking a break, it wouldn't have been complete without a hangout with my friends for a nice time-pass movie. I watched 'Mungaru male' (for those of u who are not from milky way galaxy, its one of the new kannada flicks, running @ one of the theaters here). S had mentioned that Times had rated this movie with 4stars. I felt it was slightly apart from the breed, zara hatke stuff. Apart for some good Kannada music, some lively acting by Ganesh, & a few hatke dialogues, the movie tries to deliver some heavy jargons like tyaga (sacrifice), preeti (love) etc etc... Most of them were really OHPs (over-head-protocols), so don't freak out, just enjoy and drop them @ ur seats as u leave the theater. All in all it was worth 27 bucks for a balcony with a DTS.

The biggest task that I am due to complete in this holidays is my final year project. I would be heading to B'lore on 17th of this month for the same. I am looking forward to having some good time out there and get a flavor of the formula1 pace of the silicon city! That might mean I would miss my blog for nearly 20 odd days (:

I really am fed up with the slow paced life in Davangere. I tell u its not for ppl who wanna hit live wires as sun takes leave off the horizon! Something that u call, "Dude its for ppl who wanna lead a retired life!".

I need a break! Is it mandatory to have a kit-kat?

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Monday, January 08, 2007

They call it the FCD algorithm in VTU...

Over the years, I have discovered (or rather devised) a flawless algorithm, that can fetch u an FCD, even when the sem exams are the toughest. I call it as the FCD algorithm.

Ever since I have been in to engineering, my study routines have been disturbed and game-plans completely changed. I have been thinking a bit more rationally. I am convinced beyond doubt that mere application of 'brute force' will not fetch me the desired results! So that naturally calls for a tangential thought process and something offbeat. Thats exactly when I worked out the so called FCD algorithm. Boy! What a discovery it has been. I can claim quite confidently that the algorithm is very robust and at the same time requires minimal 'execution' time.

So how do we go about formulating the algorithm?

A vital initial condition for my algorithm to work is that one needs to love his/her IA marks! Dude u gotta make the most out of ur IAs. After all u need to take the advantage of playing at ur 'home pitch'. Isn't?

Okies, Lets begin with the algorithm.

step1: Make the most out of ur IAs.

I recommend that u shoot ur IAs to anywhere close to 185M (or even more).

Let us assume that u are attending for a total of 900 Marks. The break up which is as below:

IA marks - 200 [6 x 25M (Theory) and 2 x 25M(labs)]
External labs - 100 [2 X 50M]
External theory - 600 [6 x 100M]

Total = 900M

So ur first task is to ensure that u 'earn' (yes dudes, you gotta earn it. Kabhi to paseena bahana seekho besharam!).

Given the tight schedule of VTU terms, I am sure u wouldn't be asked to literally execute lab programs in lab internals (this is the case here in most of the colleges). So with duly submitted records and a sufficient lab attendance, you should be fetching at least a total of 45 out of 50M, alloted for lab internals.

Account details after step1: T1=140+ 45 = 185M.

step2: Give your best in lab externals.

Given the fact that ur are attending 2 lab exams in externals for 100M, it should be ideal if u can earn approximately; T2= 43+42 = 85M.

Dude, its a cake walk if u can get the o/p of both the experiments or lab programs and do a fairly good job at viva.

Account details after step2: T1 + T2 = 185 + 85 = 270M.

step3: Grab as much as u can in theory externals!

Well this is the most trickiest part of the algorithm and often makes or breaks the result! The current account details of ur marks is 270, which means u still need around 360M to cross the LOC (the FCD mark of 630).

Now thats pretty much of an easy task considering the fact that those marks are to be scored from 6 theory subjects, roughly 60M per subject!!! Hey, u can breathe a sigh of relief bcoz u have already made the most of ur scoring on the 'Home Pitch' itself. So just play safe in the external exams and I am sure that even if u have to face a few googlies and bouncers, u will survive on even the most khatarrnaak pitches. U can have my word on that!!!

Let us assume that u managed to pull off a total of 360M. Thats just about 60+M per subject, not a herculean task by any standards. Isn't it?

Account details after step3: T1 + T2+T3 = 185 + 85 + 360 = 630M.

Grand Total = 630M.


The above stated algorithm is not only robust but also very flexible. One can account for compensation in steps 1, 2 or 3 to ensure that the final result is the same.

Mission is accomplished!!! U have successfully scored an FCD. The marks that u score beyond a 60+ in each subject is a bonus and will help u boost ur total percentage!

Now isn't that a simple and an efficient algorithm to score an FCD in literally every semester?

PS: Now that I have unleashed and unfolded a golden algorithm to score an FCD, what do u wait for? Go ahead and give it a try. I am sure u will smell success!!!

Update: A major bug has been fixed!!! Folks no need to freak! Its just a small change! Thnx to harish:)

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Friday, January 05, 2007

India Poised?

I happened to watch this video on Times Now today. A very inspiring video that truly says where India stands today and whats the need of the hour! A truly commendable campaign by Times group.

I love this whole campaign ha. It sorts of rejuvenates you and even the most dormant cells of your body are compelled to wake up to the call!

Lets stop being cynical for a while and join hands to build a strong India, a vibrant India.

Yes folks, "Its time to fly!".

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Highs and Lows of 2006, a flash back!

Well this was supposed to supersede my previous blog entry, but somehow due the tight exam schedule, it was procrastinated. Nevertheless its the right time to sit back and retrospect @ what happened in my life, the previous year. It’s also the time to set right any flaws in my previous approaches to finding solutions to problems I encounter on a day today basis. A time to bring about a paradigm shift in ones thought process. So here is what 2006 offered to offer to me. Here it goes..

  • Personality Development programs: I had the opportunity to attend several personality development programs. I loved the ones organized by Mr. B D Sharma. I owe this man a lot. He simply was superb in giving us valuable insights on campus recruitment and invaluable tips on how to face interviews. The biggest advantage I had through these programs was I got an opportunity to meet a lot of ppl and get to know their ideas. The other program I attended was called 'Feel Employable', wherein I really enjoyed the innovative approaches adopted by Prof. Sunney Tharappan, who taught us the basics of team work, public speaking and some insights on interview etiquettes.

  • Campus recruitments: That was the talk of the college and occupied most of the chatting bandwidth of the college all through out the year. We had nearly around 25-30 companies visiting our campus (and outside). I missed out initially on TCS, but it wasn't long enough before I got thru Mind Tree. Wowies... I loved that day! The happiest day of my life :) The prgs I attended seemed to have payed off rich dividends!

  • Virtual Recruitronics: We do organize several events under the banner of our EC forum, but this one needs a special mention. It was a great trend set by our super seniors and we ensured that we continued the same. It is basically a simulation of entire campus recruitment process. The event was a smash hit and we had offers by the placement cell of our college to organize the same at the college level. What was so good about the event was the meticulous planning, excellent team work and you couldn't have asked for any better. Literally a team of 40 final year EC students delivered their best to ensure the event was executed to perfection. A big plus point of being the part of a forum like EC forum, is u get to learn the skills of being a team player and also gain insights of event organization.

  • VTU Fest: Given the fact that it was the last opportunity I would have to attend any VTU fest, coz I am in my final year, the fest this time was really going to be exciting. To add feathers to that, I had the privilege to lead the literary team of my college. Though I couldn't manage to pull off any prize (in debate and quiz), the participation in itself was a tremendous learning experience. I had never been exposed to such diversified (some extremely good) talents in my life before. I enjoyed each and every moment of the fest. The fest is memorable for also a 'mishap'. It was during our visit to kapu beach, that my cell took a holy dip in the Arabian Sea. But I was fortunate to have got it back to working state :). It was yet another fabulous opportunity to enlarge my friends circle and get to know more ppl.

  • Wings of Technocrats: That’s the name of the magazine that we host on the message board of our dept. I had the privilege to be the co-editor of the magazine. It has really been a good experience and I enjoyed the responsibility. We had brought out 2 editions of the magazine and now the magazine is run by our juniors. Hope they do continue to keep up the standards of the magazine like our seniors and our batch. The magazine basically reflects the talents of all the EC students and also involves 'Face to Face' interviews of faculty members, to help students know them better.
  • Blogging: I couldn't end the list without this. The biggest passion that I have developed since July 06'. Ever since I have been in to blogging, my thought process has undergone a sea change. Initially most of online explorations were restricted to visiting a few sites, mostly Rediff or NDTV or @ times TOI. Not only has blog given me a platform to showcase my ideas and opinions, I have also come across some really wonderful ppl via blogs. Even though I might never be able to meet any of my blog friends in life, I have for sure been influenced by their writings. Some have made me happy, others made me shed tears and many more inspired me in their own way to aspire for something bigger in life :) All in all, it’s been truly an enriching experience.
  • Failed to make the most out of the dream offer I had. I couldn't clear the written test of IBM (E&TS). But then I couldn't blame anyone for that. My preps weren't gud!

  • V1 and V2 often say that I over think and @ times over do my share of work, which disturbs the 'Group Dynamics'. So I pledge to ensure that I don't repeat the same and will correct myself.

  • We had plans of starting an official alumni association since Jun 06'. We had to plans to bring out the exact functional model of this venture and provide it to our HOD. Somehow, it has been overlooked and very little discussed. Given the fact that our alumni base needs to be strengthened and this is a step towards bridging the gap b/w the alumni and the current batch. Hope to do it in 8th SEM.
As I look back @ the year that has gone by, I feel I have done pretty well in terms of my academics and also the extracurriculars. Though there are a few shortcomings, I will definitely work on them and try to improve. Come what may, I shall be there to face it! Failures are a part and parcel of life and one just needs to move on by picking lessons from the mistakes.

I get inspired by this song (something that I was convinced of, after the successful interview @ MT... ).

'Zindagi ki yahi reet hai, haar ke baad hi jeet hai...

So if the year before wasn't gr8, never mind. All that happens is for the good and a better tomorrow.

Wish u all once again a very happy and prolific 2007!!!

PS: I had written about this one previously. We have plans to shoot a documentary for the upcoming e-utsav, the annual fest of our dept. It is really the dream venture of all my batch mates. The script is ready and we are just waiting for the exams to finish. This seems to be one of the most exciting things I am looking fwd to do before I leave the premises of BIET!

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