Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bhagam Bhaaag amidst the Bheed Baad!!!

This one comes straight from the keypads of a cyber cafe @ Marthahalli, where I am currently staying @ K's place. Its a good 1.5hrs from BCS, a consultancy firm near MSRIT, where I am doing my final year proj. Sad to see majorty of the ppl conversing in all languages except kannada (very few souls whole who haven't been infected with the non-kannda endemic, manage to speak kannada). Adding a bit of linguistic diversity eh?

As I had written abt this in my prev post, I have come over to b'lore and my goodness, the city's pace is rocking! Ek dum F1 race ki tharah hai!!! But I am loving it. It is a scheduled stay of 12 days, for my final year project. Hope to make the most out of my stay here. The room in which we stay, also is pretty close to the b'lore airport, so u can manage to catch a glimpse of, and listen to the sounds of crusing planes, literally every 20 min.

Commuting in BMTC buses has been a phenomenal experience, with a fab flavour of its over crowdedness and my need to switch buses to reach my destinations. Thnx to the ringroad that connects marathahalli to New BEL circle, which is just a short distance away from the consultancy firm. An alternate path would otherwise have been an exhausting and painful 3+hrs of commutation.

Given the fact that I am complete newbie here in b'lore, I am really developing new techniques make a note of node points, that happen to pass in the way of my commutation, so that I really don't lose track of my route! Today was a real exp, coz I just happened to get down @ a wrong place and it was a painful walk of 3-4 Kms back to my desti. My cell phone has really helped me overcome this problem as it shows the area that I am curently in. Just in case I lose track, I am always made known abt my location!

I am planning to have a hangout with s, m, k and others who would be joining me shortly. Hope to have real blast. Just got a few plans to explore the silicon city a bit! Its an awesome exp being here!

The proj schedule is also pretty hectic (along with the commutation). It is really taking a toll of me. But I just wanna c this all, coz I need to adopt to it sooner or later!

Its quarter past 9 in the night and time for some dinner. K's cooking something back in his room... I will update u more on my stay here in the silicon sity, bengaluru shortly. Bye...

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