Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Highs and Lows of 2006, a flash back!

Well this was supposed to supersede my previous blog entry, but somehow due the tight exam schedule, it was procrastinated. Nevertheless its the right time to sit back and retrospect @ what happened in my life, the previous year. It’s also the time to set right any flaws in my previous approaches to finding solutions to problems I encounter on a day today basis. A time to bring about a paradigm shift in ones thought process. So here is what 2006 offered to offer to me. Here it goes..

  • Personality Development programs: I had the opportunity to attend several personality development programs. I loved the ones organized by Mr. B D Sharma. I owe this man a lot. He simply was superb in giving us valuable insights on campus recruitment and invaluable tips on how to face interviews. The biggest advantage I had through these programs was I got an opportunity to meet a lot of ppl and get to know their ideas. The other program I attended was called 'Feel Employable', wherein I really enjoyed the innovative approaches adopted by Prof. Sunney Tharappan, who taught us the basics of team work, public speaking and some insights on interview etiquettes.

  • Campus recruitments: That was the talk of the college and occupied most of the chatting bandwidth of the college all through out the year. We had nearly around 25-30 companies visiting our campus (and outside). I missed out initially on TCS, but it wasn't long enough before I got thru Mind Tree. Wowies... I loved that day! The happiest day of my life :) The prgs I attended seemed to have payed off rich dividends!

  • Virtual Recruitronics: We do organize several events under the banner of our EC forum, but this one needs a special mention. It was a great trend set by our super seniors and we ensured that we continued the same. It is basically a simulation of entire campus recruitment process. The event was a smash hit and we had offers by the placement cell of our college to organize the same at the college level. What was so good about the event was the meticulous planning, excellent team work and you couldn't have asked for any better. Literally a team of 40 final year EC students delivered their best to ensure the event was executed to perfection. A big plus point of being the part of a forum like EC forum, is u get to learn the skills of being a team player and also gain insights of event organization.

  • VTU Fest: Given the fact that it was the last opportunity I would have to attend any VTU fest, coz I am in my final year, the fest this time was really going to be exciting. To add feathers to that, I had the privilege to lead the literary team of my college. Though I couldn't manage to pull off any prize (in debate and quiz), the participation in itself was a tremendous learning experience. I had never been exposed to such diversified (some extremely good) talents in my life before. I enjoyed each and every moment of the fest. The fest is memorable for also a 'mishap'. It was during our visit to kapu beach, that my cell took a holy dip in the Arabian Sea. But I was fortunate to have got it back to working state :). It was yet another fabulous opportunity to enlarge my friends circle and get to know more ppl.

  • Wings of Technocrats: That’s the name of the magazine that we host on the message board of our dept. I had the privilege to be the co-editor of the magazine. It has really been a good experience and I enjoyed the responsibility. We had brought out 2 editions of the magazine and now the magazine is run by our juniors. Hope they do continue to keep up the standards of the magazine like our seniors and our batch. The magazine basically reflects the talents of all the EC students and also involves 'Face to Face' interviews of faculty members, to help students know them better.
  • Blogging: I couldn't end the list without this. The biggest passion that I have developed since July 06'. Ever since I have been in to blogging, my thought process has undergone a sea change. Initially most of online explorations were restricted to visiting a few sites, mostly Rediff or NDTV or @ times TOI. Not only has blog given me a platform to showcase my ideas and opinions, I have also come across some really wonderful ppl via blogs. Even though I might never be able to meet any of my blog friends in life, I have for sure been influenced by their writings. Some have made me happy, others made me shed tears and many more inspired me in their own way to aspire for something bigger in life :) All in all, it’s been truly an enriching experience.
  • Failed to make the most out of the dream offer I had. I couldn't clear the written test of IBM (E&TS). But then I couldn't blame anyone for that. My preps weren't gud!

  • V1 and V2 often say that I over think and @ times over do my share of work, which disturbs the 'Group Dynamics'. So I pledge to ensure that I don't repeat the same and will correct myself.

  • We had plans of starting an official alumni association since Jun 06'. We had to plans to bring out the exact functional model of this venture and provide it to our HOD. Somehow, it has been overlooked and very little discussed. Given the fact that our alumni base needs to be strengthened and this is a step towards bridging the gap b/w the alumni and the current batch. Hope to do it in 8th SEM.
As I look back @ the year that has gone by, I feel I have done pretty well in terms of my academics and also the extracurriculars. Though there are a few shortcomings, I will definitely work on them and try to improve. Come what may, I shall be there to face it! Failures are a part and parcel of life and one just needs to move on by picking lessons from the mistakes.

I get inspired by this song (something that I was convinced of, after the successful interview @ MT... ).

'Zindagi ki yahi reet hai, haar ke baad hi jeet hai...

So if the year before wasn't gr8, never mind. All that happens is for the good and a better tomorrow.

Wish u all once again a very happy and prolific 2007!!!

PS: I had written about this one previously. We have plans to shoot a documentary for the upcoming e-utsav, the annual fest of our dept. It is really the dream venture of all my batch mates. The script is ready and we are just waiting for the exams to finish. This seems to be one of the most exciting things I am looking fwd to do before I leave the premises of BIET!

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