Monday, January 08, 2007

They call it the FCD algorithm in VTU...

Over the years, I have discovered (or rather devised) a flawless algorithm, that can fetch u an FCD, even when the sem exams are the toughest. I call it as the FCD algorithm.

Ever since I have been in to engineering, my study routines have been disturbed and game-plans completely changed. I have been thinking a bit more rationally. I am convinced beyond doubt that mere application of 'brute force' will not fetch me the desired results! So that naturally calls for a tangential thought process and something offbeat. Thats exactly when I worked out the so called FCD algorithm. Boy! What a discovery it has been. I can claim quite confidently that the algorithm is very robust and at the same time requires minimal 'execution' time.

So how do we go about formulating the algorithm?

A vital initial condition for my algorithm to work is that one needs to love his/her IA marks! Dude u gotta make the most out of ur IAs. After all u need to take the advantage of playing at ur 'home pitch'. Isn't?

Okies, Lets begin with the algorithm.

step1: Make the most out of ur IAs.

I recommend that u shoot ur IAs to anywhere close to 185M (or even more).

Let us assume that u are attending for a total of 900 Marks. The break up which is as below:

IA marks - 200 [6 x 25M (Theory) and 2 x 25M(labs)]
External labs - 100 [2 X 50M]
External theory - 600 [6 x 100M]

Total = 900M

So ur first task is to ensure that u 'earn' (yes dudes, you gotta earn it. Kabhi to paseena bahana seekho besharam!).

Given the tight schedule of VTU terms, I am sure u wouldn't be asked to literally execute lab programs in lab internals (this is the case here in most of the colleges). So with duly submitted records and a sufficient lab attendance, you should be fetching at least a total of 45 out of 50M, alloted for lab internals.

Account details after step1: T1=140+ 45 = 185M.

step2: Give your best in lab externals.

Given the fact that ur are attending 2 lab exams in externals for 100M, it should be ideal if u can earn approximately; T2= 43+42 = 85M.

Dude, its a cake walk if u can get the o/p of both the experiments or lab programs and do a fairly good job at viva.

Account details after step2: T1 + T2 = 185 + 85 = 270M.

step3: Grab as much as u can in theory externals!

Well this is the most trickiest part of the algorithm and often makes or breaks the result! The current account details of ur marks is 270, which means u still need around 360M to cross the LOC (the FCD mark of 630).

Now thats pretty much of an easy task considering the fact that those marks are to be scored from 6 theory subjects, roughly 60M per subject!!! Hey, u can breathe a sigh of relief bcoz u have already made the most of ur scoring on the 'Home Pitch' itself. So just play safe in the external exams and I am sure that even if u have to face a few googlies and bouncers, u will survive on even the most khatarrnaak pitches. U can have my word on that!!!

Let us assume that u managed to pull off a total of 360M. Thats just about 60+M per subject, not a herculean task by any standards. Isn't it?

Account details after step3: T1 + T2+T3 = 185 + 85 + 360 = 630M.

Grand Total = 630M.


The above stated algorithm is not only robust but also very flexible. One can account for compensation in steps 1, 2 or 3 to ensure that the final result is the same.

Mission is accomplished!!! U have successfully scored an FCD. The marks that u score beyond a 60+ in each subject is a bonus and will help u boost ur total percentage!

Now isn't that a simple and an efficient algorithm to score an FCD in literally every semester?

PS: Now that I have unleashed and unfolded a golden algorithm to score an FCD, what do u wait for? Go ahead and give it a try. I am sure u will smell success!!!

Update: A major bug has been fixed!!! Folks no need to freak! Its just a small change! Thnx to harish:)

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