Thursday, January 11, 2007

Taking a break!

Thats exactly what I needed after those hectic 7th sem exams. They had literally rendered me sleepless and of the little naps that I could get to catch, were haunted by those exotic subjects prescribed by VTU. Phew! I finally am done with it. The biggest irritation of the sem was the crap subject called CIP (constitution of India and professional ethics). I wonder which noble soul proposed this to be added to our curriculum. It was suchha yak subject!

Having talked about taking a break, it wouldn't have been complete without a hangout with my friends for a nice time-pass movie. I watched 'Mungaru male' (for those of u who are not from milky way galaxy, its one of the new kannada flicks, running @ one of the theaters here). S had mentioned that Times had rated this movie with 4stars. I felt it was slightly apart from the breed, zara hatke stuff. Apart for some good Kannada music, some lively acting by Ganesh, & a few hatke dialogues, the movie tries to deliver some heavy jargons like tyaga (sacrifice), preeti (love) etc etc... Most of them were really OHPs (over-head-protocols), so don't freak out, just enjoy and drop them @ ur seats as u leave the theater. All in all it was worth 27 bucks for a balcony with a DTS.

The biggest task that I am due to complete in this holidays is my final year project. I would be heading to B'lore on 17th of this month for the same. I am looking forward to having some good time out there and get a flavor of the formula1 pace of the silicon city! That might mean I would miss my blog for nearly 20 odd days (:

I really am fed up with the slow paced life in Davangere. I tell u its not for ppl who wanna hit live wires as sun takes leave off the horizon! Something that u call, "Dude its for ppl who wanna lead a retired life!".

I need a break! Is it mandatory to have a kit-kat?

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