Saturday, March 24, 2007

Screwed-up or Whatever…

MIBs have squandered a golden chance. Haven't they?

Note: The author has feverishly exercised his freedom of thought and expression and also lavishly badmouthed the truly deserving! If you don’t wanna accept that MIBs don’t deserve this, then quit right now! Else you are free to read. The article uses a few 'strong' words in english, which might require reader discretion. Read this post at your own risk. If u happen to be of my genere, F**K them all and simply keep reading, coz who the hell cares!!!

This happens to be my first post on world cup cricket 2007. What an irony? I am jotting about their sucking story and how they screwed themselves up badly. Before I verbally punish those kayar MIBS (Men in Blue), I would like to share with you, an incident that happened on Tuesday. Our college fest Davana '07 is scheduled on 5th, 6th and 7th of April. We had the selections scheduled for debate on Tuesday (20th march). India was in the hangover of a so called ‘Emphatic cum Brilliant cum Comprehensive’ victory over Bermuda. I wondered if these Bermudians knew how to play cricket? Anyways, the topic for debate was, 'India will win cricket world cup 2007'. From the very moment I had received that topic, I had decided that I would never ever endorse the motion!!! So on the: D day, I was found blandishing the ' sacred talents' of ‘MIBs’ (needless to says, it was utterly sarcastic). I spoke my heart out, and concluded saying, 'I wish that India wins this world cup, but with the kind of performance they have managed to put up, I am supremely confident that it will never happen!' I think I needed no preps for doing such an act, as I spoke purely out of intuition. I think I badly Fucked up for doing that, coz I had done pretty well in the previous VTU fest's debate contest. I heard from a friend of mine the judges felt that it was suchha crap performance. I told my friend to check if they referred to the MIB’s performance or mine? Anywayz I was in no mood to speak that day and I was under prepared, and I forcefully dragged myself on to the stage and spilt out all the venom!

These fuckin MIBs found pretty little time to sparkle in the sport, than they found to endorse some suckin (fertilizer) cool drink ad. I had made this very point and stressed more on this in the debate! I feel that the team severely lacked the very basic 'Killer instinct', which is required for any winning team. If not for some sledging, I would say, Aussies are an extremely good and I would bank my money on them! They got all that’s needed for a team to win. These MIBs seem so suckingly tigerish on paper and when they are on field, they are minnows. Khair chodo yaar, ab bol ke kya faida! Saale besharam kabi sudhar ne wale nahin hain.

In this god-for-saken cricket team of India, I don't see anyone standing up to the expectations of the public! Fuck this whole blue billion campaign from some fuckin MNC called Pepsi (peee!). They were pretty successful in enchasing billions of rupees through their ad. Now don’t tell me Indra Nooyi and Priyanka chopra and not to forget a bunch of MIBs made some fuckin money out of this whole campaign!!! Everyone knows it.

After the match against Bangladeshis, MIBs stood on the field flabbergasted. (After yesterday’s game against Sri Lanka, their faces looked like a deflated balloon). Damn it! It’s no issue of pride ha, to score a mammothian total against some Bermuda (I heard many of them are better off this sucking game). I mean, I had never heard of this team before. What an illusionary innings was it? Wah sehwag! Maaan gaye bheedu. Khela to khela, kis team pe yaar! Now believe me, he will never be doubted of his talent until the dawn of the next monsoon in Karnataka or even Tamil Nadu!!!

Now what’s going to happen after this bubble burst of expectation or rather a shameless act of fart by these MIBs?

1. Aaj Tak, Zee news, Times Now and all other channels, will at least not show MIBs playing this game, they hardly remember, called Cricket!!! There is going to be no sucking interviews with Sewage* or Dhoni or even with the Yuvraj. Having talked of Yuvi, I think he will best suit for the job of a chef, in some Caribbean restaurant trying his hand at some makhan malai or aaalu parota!

2. Some fuckin protesters are gonna be on the streets and some banners and cutouts of chapel and Dravid being burnt-out. Some mobs shown as die hard fans of this silly game who still don’t realize that it hardly make a shit of a difference for those MIBs, whether they win or lose!

3. The same old crappish Dravid shows up (poor chap) and utters some blah blah and explains why they got fucked up! (Everyone knows it D, u don’t need to explain).

4. People turn on Sony Max or some crap channel that broadcasts this ‘extra innings’ to enrich their knowledge on the latest jewellery in the market flaunted by Mandria Bedi. Some are more interested in other details of her’s as well :)

5. Last but not the least; I see no more of these fuckin MIBs on the field. Thank god you people saved a lot of power back home. That’s one good thing u people have doin to all of us. God Bless!!!

6. Ok, this is the last one ha. Just verify where these ppl are gonna land ha, I mean in which airport? I heard they had plans to disclose some place, and actually land elsewhere, just to save their faces and avoiding any ‘garlanding’.

PS: Now don’t mail me askin from where the fuck did I find these predictions ha! It’s an open secret.

1. In 1982 Italy won the soccer world cup and 1 year later India won the same in cricket! In 2006 Italy did it again and so in 2007…

2. In 1981 pope died (or rather shot) and 2 years later India won the WC and in 2005 pope died and so in 2007…

Whatever is the ultimate result, even if Bermuda happens to beat Bangladesh, I ask these MIBs, WTF does it mean? Does your entry in to super 8 needs to be decided by some minnows? I dunno if I would ever post anything in the near future on the WC in my blog!!!
update: Harry pointed out this "error" to me... Its Sewage or Sehwag, it's one and the same. Both stink and SUCK!

~IT's My Life

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Breaking the Ice...

Off late music is one thing that keeps me going. I am brutally bombarded with many things at a time. A lot of commitments seemed to have engulfed me. The latest being the e-utsav, our department fest. I am finding very little time to Blog, which is my ultimate passion. Of the little time I find, to spend with 'myself' retrospecting about things in my life, I try to relate myself to so many songs! (It ranges from Swades' 'Yuhi chala' to Bryan Adam's 'Summer of 69') I just keep humming these flicks and my mind suddenly feels elated, and I find myself rejuvenated to take on this whole world with full force all over again!!!

Yesterday was a very very memorable day, as I solved my first assignment (Sudoku Solver) given by MindTree under it's Gnanavrikhsa program. I was in to so many things that I found very little time to devote to this learning program. I finally was able to execute the code of Sudoku solver successfully! The :D moment was 1:55 am on 21 march,2007. I know its just the beginning, but still I could not resist registering this happy moment in my blog! It's just the perfect ice breaker for me (and probably for all my fellas here, who are in to MindTree).

10:00 am to 12:30 pm (CSE NT Lab -> BIET Digital library)

Today I tried to upload my assignment (along with V) in to the repository provided by the Ganavriksha's Server to each trainee. I faced a few problems with the CVS (Concurrent Versions System). I wasn't able to submit the assignment. I still haven't been able to submit it. I tried a lot all day, and finally posted my queries in the discussion forum. I am looking forward to get the reply from my mentors @ the earliest.

V also has finished with the Sudoku Solver assignment. He too is eager to submit the assignment! Both of us have our fingers crossed. U know it's damn frustrating to try a thing, and not get it all day long!

Coming back to the songs I have been listening to off late, I have been listening to this song from Ghajini (Hrudayam ekkadunnadi, Telugu version) and I dunno why, it's simply so mesmerizing. I just seem to love it! Boy, I have listened to it almost a gazillion times without getting bored. It just brings a wonderful smile over my face!!!

One more song that I love to listen to , over and over again is IT's My Life (Bon Jovi). It always reminds me of the way I dream to lead my life. It's the same song that inspired me to blog!

PS: I got a confirmation by the mentors while jotting this post, that a repository for the 'Davangere' region students has not yet been created on their server. I have been assured that the issue would be fixed latest by tonight. Hope to see my assignments submitted by tomorrow morning on Gnanavriskha site:)

~IT's My Life

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trying to break free....

The 'ceremony' ended finally on friday, with the 'finals' not goin too well. I don't know if I was ready for this. But one thing is for sure, something has changed in me and ppl around me. Thats exactly what motivated me write about it. I was utterly under prepared, more because I wasn't simply ready for it. For the first time I am not sheltering any feeling of guilt or regret, of not having prepared to take up the internals and performing well.

Off late I see that my priorities seem to have changed in life. I am no more a person who is pre-occupied with the text books, nor do I feel like attending those boring lectures. The lectures these days seem so longish and unbearable. My mind has begun to show some sure signs of saturation and the regular academics stuff no more really turns me on. I no more feel it's a big deal to lose a class and repent for having missed a hell lot of info. My niche though has remained to be the same as it was in the prev sem. I still feel it's a safe place to be there and enjoy the bird's eye view of the class. I dunno if am acting overboard.

I know it's not the problem with only me. It's the same problem with many of my classmates as well. I feel that they too are experiencing the strangle hold of profis, and the lectures are getting really intolerable or atleast they think that way. A new culture (a dangerous one in the long run), has crept in to the minds of all my class mates. It's about scoring high on the 'Coolness Scale'. The more disorganized u are, the more irregular u are to the classes, the more lightly u take ur studies, the more pranks u play in the class, the more 'care-free' u are, greater is ur 'Coolness Index'. I feel it's more of an unsuccessful effort to break free, to re-instill the lost faith of being an indepedent soul in the campus!!!

I know it's all fancy and sounds pretty stylish, but it's not gonna sustain for long. It's ephemeral and soon the bubble of myth is gonna burst. The days are not far when we will be paying very dearly for all this. I dunno if I am vicitimized by this detremental attitudinal make-over. Sooner or later we would realize that all this is not gonna work! I just hope the awakening doesn't get too late...

PS: Having spoken of such an attitudinal shift amongst my fellas here, I dunno if it's the case with many of the other final year folks @ various engineering colleges in VTU. Is it ubiquitous?

~IT's My Life

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

'They' are back!

I was not able to jot down anything substantial for the last 10 days. All credits to the MindTree's Gnanavriksha learning program. It had kept me engaged with the assignments. Its friggin fun solving them:)

V1 made it in to cypress semiconductors! Wooo... thats just what all of us back here had expected of him. (Apart from seeing him placed, it was the aftermath that really mattered to us. The endless juice parties). Boy! we had some real partying in chunks. Canteen waale or JC walo ki to poora sona-chandi-heera-platinum lag gayi... Congrats dude!!!

I hate attending this ceremony, but I'll have to. Saala attendance dena padta hai yaar!!! I need to jot down something remotely understandable in those engineering scrath pads (Thats where I ink the blueprints of what my next blog entry will be all about!), 'Blue Books' and the auspicious ceremony, which I have been attending quite promptly for the past 3+years, is popularly known here as 'Internals'. I would be registering my last set of attendance @ this ceremony. I have no regrets!

Round the corner I see, 'They' mouth a threatening dialogue in an Arnold Schwarzeneggar-ain way, 'We are Back!!!'

PS: "Saale kal internals hai aur tujhe abhi waqt mila tha kya bak bak karne ko? Chal padai kar ja...". Before some nerds back here yell at me this way, I better see myself off this blogging stuff for a while. C u ppl soon...
~IT's My Life

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