Sunday, March 11, 2007

'They' are back!

I was not able to jot down anything substantial for the last 10 days. All credits to the MindTree's Gnanavriksha learning program. It had kept me engaged with the assignments. Its friggin fun solving them:)

V1 made it in to cypress semiconductors! Wooo... thats just what all of us back here had expected of him. (Apart from seeing him placed, it was the aftermath that really mattered to us. The endless juice parties). Boy! we had some real partying in chunks. Canteen waale or JC walo ki to poora sona-chandi-heera-platinum lag gayi... Congrats dude!!!

I hate attending this ceremony, but I'll have to. Saala attendance dena padta hai yaar!!! I need to jot down something remotely understandable in those engineering scrath pads (Thats where I ink the blueprints of what my next blog entry will be all about!), 'Blue Books' and the auspicious ceremony, which I have been attending quite promptly for the past 3+years, is popularly known here as 'Internals'. I would be registering my last set of attendance @ this ceremony. I have no regrets!

Round the corner I see, 'They' mouth a threatening dialogue in an Arnold Schwarzeneggar-ain way, 'We are Back!!!'

PS: "Saale kal internals hai aur tujhe abhi waqt mila tha kya bak bak karne ko? Chal padai kar ja...". Before some nerds back here yell at me this way, I better see myself off this blogging stuff for a while. C u ppl soon...
~IT's My Life

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