Thursday, May 31, 2007

Necessity is the mother of invention..

My theory exams just got over on 29th of May. So that officially pulls down the curtains to this whole show of verbal puking, they popularly call VTU exams. No more night-outs, no more slogging, no more rushing through textbooks, no more haggling for IE marks with my profis, and more importantly no more extra burden on my HDD (dimag) to memorize all those god-knows-what-they-mean-equations? Wow!! what a relief? Finally slogging ko milegi ek choti si break!!!

I am only left with my external project demo, which is probably scheduled (dates haven't been announced officially) in the first week of June. I am already feeling a sense of liberation run through my nervous system. A sense of having sailed through an unexpressible hardship. Kyu ki ek engineering student ka dard, ek engineering (student) hi samaj sakta hai? Hey don't charge me for flicking a popular bolly-woodian cliche ha...

Ab sedhe sedhe asli vichaar par aajate hai. I don't remember when was the first time I heard this adage? Saala apun ki yaadash to pehle se hi karab hai. Phir bhi toda dimaag pe zor lagke dekhenge to yaad aati hai. I think it was in my 6th grade that I first heard of this well known pro-verb. Ab aap log soch rahe honge ki aisi kya naubat aagyai, ki mujhe is subject pe likna pad raha hai? Hold on folks, have patience. I got tons of reasons why I made up my mind to jot something on this. kehne ko to hazaaro waje hai, lekin main yaha par kuchi cheezo ke baare main likh raha hu.

Almost all my friends outta here have got a DL (atleat for 2 wheelers). Whenever any of my friends offer me for a free test drive on their bike, I am forced to turn down the offer. The simple reason being... "Folks, I dunno how to ride a bike". This ain't a crime. Is it? Now don't look @ me as an ET ha. I did give it a try once on K's bike. The fact that I personally don't own a bike, does make it difficult for me to learn biking with full ease. The option of opting for a driving class hasn't been a tangible solution so for. For all those who ask me about my inability to drive a bike, I just have to say, "Necessity is the mother of invention". Ab aisi baat nahi hai ki mujhe bike chalana bil kul hi nahi aata... baat sirf itni hai ki, mujhe ab tak uski zaroorat mehsoos nahi hui hai!!!

On to a more serious issue. I have always been wondering what keeps people motivated and focussed. What is it that drives them incessantly to pursue that extra inch, which often decides the fate of the rat race they find themselves in. As I zero down on to the various sources of impetus, an obvious thing that emerges out is the fact that, they all desperately need to WIN!!! They can't afford to lose.. Jab hame koi cheez ati avashyak hojati hai, tabhi hum uske baare main soch te hain, aur usme dirchasbi dikana shuru karte hain. Necessity is the mother of invention...

When I see at things I do on a day-to-day basis be it blogging or studies, everything has got a purpose. If u find that I am pretty much of a novice, when it comes to cooking even simple dishes, it only shows that I might have never ever felt the need to cook! Saala bachelor ki zindagi bitane ke liye cooking sehna ek bahut hi important eligibilty hai yaaro! S is a pretty good cook, and he always taunts me when I confess that my cooking skills are equivalent to dancing skills of Ajay Devagan. "Saala mere ko cooking karna aati nahi hai yaar!!!". Iska matlab ye nahi ki main kabhi ise seekna nahi chahatata. It's just that I didn't feel it was necessary.

Chalo is post ko khatam ko karne se pehle, aap sab logo se is vichaar par vichaar karne ko request kartna hoon..

Just imagine urself being in the shoes (does he actually have one in that movie?) of TomHanks in cast away. If u haven't watched this movie yet, watch it and uske baad mere vichaaro par vichaar ki jiye. Imagine that ur lost on a god-knows-where island! Now would u let urself die, simply because u don't know how to swim or would you starve to death simply because you don't have anything purely vegetarian to eat? Many other constraints can be added to this. All I ask is, would you let yourself die on that island simply because you never were in to a situation like this before? Wouldn't you fight your way out of this somehow?

PS: All I intend to say is that... It's not always right to conclude about someone's potential of doing something, simply because he is presently unable to do it. It might be simply because, he/she might have not felt it necessary. Shayad isi liye kehte hain... Necessity is the mother of invention...

~IT's My Life

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jab slogging se ho pareshaan...

Hmmm... that is exactly what I have been doing off late, some ruthless slogging. Abh to aadat is hain... mujhko is (s)blogging se.. I just can't live without it.

Abh idar ka mahol ke bare main kya kehna yaaro? Exam ki tension sar chadke bol rahi hain. Sabhi bahi log, idar padai vadai main vyast hai, to apun saala kaise chup reh sakta hai. Lekin apun unse toda different hai. Jab bhi padhai (jo aaj kal bahut kum ho gayi hain..) karte karte, man main ek thakan is mehsoos hone lagti hain, to dimag ki batti jala ne ke liye, phat se ek post lik leta hoon... Boleto mast kick milti hai... Jab slogging se ho pareshan, tab blogging karo srimaan...

Our exams are gonna start off from 22nd of May. So all outta here are busy slogging. U can find every tom, dick and harry flocking to madhu xerox and uncle's angadi, to get the photo copies of the questions papers (previous years) and some newly introduced handwritten notes of various subjects. It has been the story almost every semester. MAP, NV and LU get these life saviour notes, from god-knows-where? But these notes to a large extent, have saved many a lives, in the past. Abh VTU student hoke tum pehle din se hi padhai kar rahe ho, to log tume shak ke nazar se dekhenge!! To zaahir hai, ki exam ke tension door karne ke liye, kuch to short cut hoga. That's when u resort to studying these notes. They are like fast food (not junkies in anyway, some are really good), though not good for health, but are very tasty to eat! Sabhi bhai log aakri waqt main hi padhai chalu karte hain, unko fast food bahut raas aati hain...

One more thing which is still an unsolved mystery is some accurate diagnosis of my pc. It's been over 2 weeks or so, since my computer is behaving weirdly. If I keep the power supply to my cpu on, it turns on automatically. I mean I don't need to manually power on my pc, it hapens automatically. (Now I'm not telling some sacchai ze door ka story ha). So every time I don't use my pc, I need to switch off my spike gaurd, so that my pc doesn't turn on automatically. Hmmm... yeh kaisi bimaari yaaro? Is problem ne to meri raato ki chain, or din ka neend uda diya hain. Agar aap main se kisi ko iska solution maalum hai, to kripya mujhe batane ka kasht uthaye pleaseeeee.

Listening to chal chale apne ghar... (Woh Lamhe).. Eh exam, jaldi khatam hoja yaar!!!

PS: Apne ko todha run rate badana ko mangta hai yaaro... Chalo slog over main jitna hosake, utna run batodlete hain. Slogging zindabad...back to padhai...

~IT's My Life

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sheesha ho ya Dil ho...

Note: This post is written in light of some distasteful developments that I have been witnessing in the recent past. I blame no one for the status quo. I jot this article purely to verbalize all my feelings, that I have never been able to share with even the closet of my friends here. The article in no way is an attempt to hurt anybody's feelings. I take no responsibility whatsoever if anyone who reads this article, feels its directed towards them. I once again re-iterate that its my personal opinion, and hence should not be generalized. I don't expect to make this a perfect post, presenting things very orderly... Bcoz, all i care is to convey what i felt and still feel... So bear with me for posting such an unorganized stuff...

Have u ever been through this feeling? Someone whom u presume to be a close friend.. after a slight misunderstanding gets in to this act of hurting u time and again. What begins as a small failure in effective communication can go on to become a big barrier b/w 2 people. Ek deewar si khadi ho jaati hi dono ke beech main... Then the whole charm in the friendship vanishes, and the bloody ego stuff sets in. What used to be a harmonious relationship, suddenly seems such a pain in the ass. It gets so tough for u to interact with the him/her with the same ease and comfort, as u used to do before. The person who seemed to be the one, u knew in and out, suddenly begins to mystify u. U are left dumbstruck. How did all this get so bloody fucked up?

A heart and a mirror, once broken can never be brought back to the original state... No matter how hard I am trying to battle this state of dilemma and guilt, I am not able to bring back that level of comfort, and that wavelength of communication with that person. How does one know about it? Are u feeling that the time u spend with that close friend, no more keeps u happier or comfortable? Is the whole act of interaction getting so smothering? If so, I can bet that the relationship has lost its charm. But what can be more painful, is the fact that u are expected to continue to interact with that person, as though nothing has really happened. I can't bloody figure out how one manages to do it. While deep within u, there lingers a feeling of guilt, that yells at u, "Hey, u don't like that person anymore, why don't u say that to him/her? Why try to put up a false feeling of comfort, while what u actually want is to get him/her out of ur sight?" I feel that when a relationship raises issues like these in ur mind, u r at the door step of a going - to- be- broken relationship. U will find urself making half-hearted attempts to consolidate it. All in vain... U r at the point of no return my boy!!!

The whole act gets so dirty, when u start tossing the ball in to each other's court, blaming the other for the status quo. Every word spoken, and every glance exchanged, is devoid of any sort of concern. Every word spoken in justification, simply aggravates the other party, making him/her either feel guilty or provoke him/her to pursue grudges. Many a times in life, we feel so happy that we get to know someone, and feel proud of earning their friendship. But all that illusion soon ends, when u are faced with hard facts. It hurts to the core when the so called 'sugar coated' interactions turn in to sarcastic ones. Both the parties start to throw some bloody shit on each other. U start to feel that u were bloody wrong about the person.

I have had enough of all this stuff. Enough of all this plastic smiles, and sugar coated convos!!! I have realized (and hopefully that person as well) that all the charm in our friendship is gone. What could have been settled down easily with a fruitful discussion, has simply been dragged, and blown out of proportion. I cannot put up a smiling face each time we meet, and I cannot betray u anymore. I can't show up as someone whole has godly tolerant levels, and someone who never gets hurt or angry. If that's what u call being hyper, so be it. I don't want to show any false concern to u, and neither do i except it from u. If u too feel the same, then why is it that we are still trying to do this patch work? If any interaction with me is so smothering, why don't u tell it on my face? I feel, it's high time that we sit down and cement this dilapidated relationship. Lets stop this whole 'try being nice' drama. They say, "The strength of a chain is determined by the strength of its weakest link." I feel that we failed to identify that weakest link!!! Lets end this whole cold war once and for all, in a graceful manner.

PS: They say, there are times when we leave a person not because we hate them, but because we feel that they can be happy if we let them go.. I feel, it's time we let go each other...

~IT's My Life

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pursuit of HappYness...

I happened to watch this movie pursuit of happYness. Its a simple story of a man, who is in search of happiness. A man who dreams of being happy someday, just like every other person does in life. The whole movie wonderfully narrates, how he goes about 'pursuing' happines.

I must confess, it's one of those very few movies, that I truly loved watching every bit of it. It is not some kinda larger-than-life story or a movie that 'preaches' you some flurrying philospohy. Full credits to Will Smith, for pulling off the performance of his life time (so far). Too good a performance...
My personal favourite, are the lines below (Will Smith speaks to his son in a basket ball court)...
"Hey, don't ever listen to somebody who says u can't do it, Not even me... U got a dream, U gotta protect it... People can't do something themselves... they wanna say U can't do it... U want something? Go get it! Period..."

The movie for sure addresses the whole issue that I often get to read in papers, where people complain of the so-called happiness factor missing in their life, in spite of every possible luxury they possess. One doesn't need to look for it elsewhere. It's within us. It's just that we fail to realize it, or rather don't have the drive to pursue it...

PS: A must watch movie for all those have been victimized by this so called illusion of I-shall-also- be- happy-someday. Even if u haven't been victimized yet, its still worth watching. Don't miss this one!!!

~IT's My Life

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Total Recall eh?

I am sure all of you out there might have had this terrible experience in your life at least once. If u are a regulat computer user, the probability is unity. If u still deny the fact, then u probably are lying!!!

What all do u need to recover ur lost data?

I am talking of the nightmarish experience of waking up one fine morning, to find your hard drive crashed. You lose all the important files, data and some memorable snaps that u took of your near and dear ones. It might also be a situation when u accidently deleted an important system file and wondering what to do?
It's time to say good bye to all the hassling and grappling that u used to do. Forget about carrying your hard drive or any other storage media to the nearest recovery center, to retrieve all the lost data. I am sure that it would definately keep u waiting for a long time, before u get back all the lost data.
Here is a wonderful service, delivered online to it's customers by Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd which might prove to be very helpful to recover all your lost data without having to step out of your home.

Try this once, I am sure u will love it...

~IT's My Life

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