Thursday, August 31, 2006

Soft skills workshop by Infosys : Day 2, 3 & 4.

I wanted to summarize my sessions, as I did on my previous one, was a bit busy, so just couldn't jot down! Anywayz here is what we learnt from our sessions on day2, 3 & 4.

High lights of Day 2:
  • Feed backs: An effective feedback always involves the following steps.
1. Behavior description.
2. Feeling.
3. Impact.
4. Request (or a compliment).
  • Hidden data in communication
1. Feelings.
2. Dealing with feelings.
3. Assertiveness.
4. Self-confidence.

Mr. Ashok kumar, one of our soft skills workshop co-ordinator.

Highlights of Day 3:

Day three focused on imparting the essential qualities one need to posses while in a team. The following traits, found in people are:

Illustrating the essential traits of a team member.
  • Assertive: Win-Win, the better of the relationships one can have with somebody, coz both the parties are benefited by this.
  • Aggressive: Win-Lose, an unfavorable to the latter, as he is found to be the loser.
  • Non assertive: Lose-win, still unfavorable, coz the former loses.
  • Traits of assertiveness
1. Be honest.
2. Make reasonable request.
3. Don't apologize, when you are assertive.
4. Become responsible for your actions.
5. Use ”WE", instead of "I".
6. Avoid exaggeration.
  • People may deny your rights
1. By changing your rights.
2. Responding with a strong display of emotions.
3. Joking or making fun of your request.
4. Trying to make you feel guilty about request.
5. Criticizing or questioning the legitimacy of your request.
6. Asking you, "why you want?” about what you requested for.
  • Techniques to be assertive
1. Broken record technique.
2. Fogging.
3. Diffusing.
  • TEAM
T- Trust
E- Empathy
A- Authenticity
M- Maturity
  • A task was assigned, where in you need to try drawing 2,4,6,8,9 (or even more) triangles with the help of 6 straight lines, of equal length.
Highlights of Day 4:
  • Extension on the concepts of what makes a good team:
1. Leader
2. Common understanding
3. Common goals, defined by a technique called
SMART: S- specific, M-Manageable, A-achieving, and R- realistic, T- time bound.
4. Communication.
5. Belief in themselves.
6. Trust.

Mr. Krishna mutrhy, soft skills workshop co-ordinator.
  • Presentation skills: Any presentation is always designed in the format as below.
  • Introduction
1. Global sentence.
2. Build relevancy.
3. Objectives.
4. Directionalizing the things.
  • Body
1. Position.
2. Problem.
3. Possibilities.
4. Proposal.
  • Conclusion
1. Summary.
2. Call for action.
3. Rhetorical statement.
4. Closed like beginning.

Discussion on what would be the best topic for presentation?

Vinay's team building strategies for the presentation.

Each team, with 6 members on an average, was asked to deliver a presentation on any choice of their topic. I delivered, a presentation on behalf of my team, on "Awareness program for rural community on internet".

  • Ethical dilemma: We were given real life situations, seen in corporate world, where one is found to be in a fix, popularly called, "Ethical dilemma". It helped us to get insights on how to over come dilemma when we find ourselves in the same position.
  • Dressing sense: A brief overview was given on the importance of dressing sense in the corporate world.
  • Dining etiquettes: We were given a brief intro about the basics of dining etiquettes, something, we really were literally are not often exposed to, when we speak in the context of the corporate world.
  • Last but not the least, each session had at least 3 to 4 exercises, few of which were carried out in groups, while others individually. Some of them included exercises on find some one who..., active listening quiz, assertiveness, giving feedbacks, flight to moon (something that involved selecting a team of 6, out of 8 in the grp, each being a character like scientist, a mech engineer etc), test on self-confidence, giving angry and assertive responses, pre and post test quiz, etc.
It's time for some feed back!

The workshop, ended with a feedback session, where the attendees, were given opportunities to share their experiences during the sessions and also give their feedbacks.

What next?

The same training would be imparted, as a year long program to 3rd SEM students of BIET, to teach them all the nuances of a true professional, in the corporate world. We would be assisting the faculty members suitably in these training sessions.

PS: It was really a very informative and effective workshop, I got to attend. Thnx a lot to our workshop coordinators, Mr. Ashok Kumar, CSE dept, and Mr. Krishnamurthy, ISE dept. They have literally shared with us whatever they learnt @ Infosys. Thnx to the college authorities as well for organizing such very interactive session, it has really helped us know our lectures so closely.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Soft skills workshop by Infosys : Day 1

Under the campus connect program, an Infosys initiative, has organized a 4 day workshop on soft skill development, in our college, BIET, davangere. It's a workshop open to students of 7th SEM and the faculty members as well. The workshop aims to equip its attendees with the much needed soft skills, a necessary quality for any one who would be shortly foraying in to corporate world. After the workshop, we would be asked to guide our juniors (3rd SEM) in polishing their soft skills as well.

Considering the fact that most of the students, back here in advancer, get rejected in the HR interviews, the obvious reason being poor communication skills. This fact for sure has been a real alarm to the college authorities, to sincerely contemplate on a workshop like this. Hence the work shop has acquired the status of utter pre-eminence.

The event, scheduled from 25th Aug through 28th Aug, 2006, involves a meticulously planned 4+ hrs (2:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.) training, provided by trained faculty (from Infosys company), of our college. Today, happened to be the first day of this workshop, and I have already begun to enjoy it! It's really to a gr8 initiative by the college, to ensure that the campus recruitments in our college will be continually on the rise.

I would be sharing with you, my experience in the work shop, all through the 4 days. Hope it benefits you as well.

Objectives of the workshop:

1. Communication.
2. Hidden data in communication.
3. Team...Team...Team.
4. Presentation skills.
5. Adopting to corporate life.

Key highlights of first day’s session:

· Few interesting facts!

1. Any communication, (in person) invloves the contribution of words up to 7%, tone up to 38% and the remaining 55% is contributed by the body language. The above stats were derived from a study, carried out by the British researchers.
2. On an average, per day, nearly 44,000 thoughts run through the minds of an individual. Amazing isn't it?
3. On an average the normal speed of a speech, is 125-175 words/min, although the maximum speed, up to which the human brain, can correctly comprehend the words, is 400-500 words/min.

Good communication + clarity = Effective communication.

Murphy's law of communication:

1. Communiction usually fails, except by chance.
2. If there are many ways to understand any message, it will be understood in a way that will be most harmful.

A classical illustration of 2nd law of Murphy's Law of communication,

A king once sentenced a convict with a death sentence (hanged to death). Later it was discovered the convicted was innocent, and then the king sent a note, that said, "HANG HIM NOT LEAVE HIM". Now imagine, if the full stop in the above sentence after "HANG HIM", what a blunder it would have been. Isn’t it? That shows the significance of 2nd law of Murphy's on communication.

Body language and it's importance

Active listening skills:

1. Suspended judgment.
2. Feedback.
3. Classification.
4. Summarization.
5. Para phrasing.

PS: The day culminated in to a very resourceful one, in every aspect, coz I have really picked up very key points on enhancement of my soft skills.

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Ganesha symoblism

In Hinduism, Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश or श्रीगणेश) (when used to distinguish lordly status) (or "lord of the hosts," also spelled as Ganesa and Ganesh, often also referred to as Ganapati) is one of the most well-known and venerated representations of God (Brahman). He is the first born son of Shiva and Parvati, and the 'consort' of Buddhi (also called Riddhi) and Siddhi. He is also called Vinayaka in Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi, Vinayagar and Pillayar (in Tamil), and Vinayakudu in Telugu. 'Ga' symbolizes Buddhi (intellect) and 'Na' symbolizes Vidnyana (wisdom). Ganesha is thus considered the master of intellect and wisdom. He is depicted as a big-bellied, yellow or red god with four arms and the head of a one-tusked elephant, riding on, or attended to by, a mouse. He is frequently represented sitting down, with one leg raised in the air and bent over the other. Typically, his name is prefixed with the Hindu title of respect, 'Shree' or Sri.

The sect of Ganesha is widely diffused, even outside of India. His devotees are called Ganapatya.

The ganapati festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion throughout India but in Mumbai, the financial capital of the Country, the festival assumes a special significance because of the scale at which it is performed.

Get more here

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Kannada IME from Baraha!

I happened to discover this wonderful IME (Input Method Editor) in kannada, from Baraha. All you kannada lovers over out there, here is a nice way to herald your entry in to IM world, through savi kannada! Thnx a lot baraha, keep it up!

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pluto Isn’t What It Used to Be!

The vote by astronomers on a sweeping reclassification of the solar system was described as a triumph of science over sentiment. Read more...

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Friday, August 25, 2006

My final year resolutions!

I am wondering, if I am late on this one. Anywayz, I have a few resolutions for myself, which I feel would keep me going. I feel, resolutions can be made anytime (nothing like you need to look out for a good auspicious day!).

1. Lemme start with my academics, (something, I have taken leave off for quite a while now). I plan to 'earn' myself or in fact snatch an FCD (out of no where), in 7th SEM. I am sure to miss one in 6th SEM (courtesy: VHDL, very high difficult language!).
2. I will not saunter here and there on the corridors of E&C dept. and will land myself in to my friend's room, during the free period (?). Nope! as I said nothing technical, coz its deal!
3. I will respond regularly to all my mails and scraps entries in orkut, without fail.
4. I will stop sending unnecessary fwds to the grps, and stop reading them myself (Let me do it myself before I can force others to follow).
5. I am thinking about this seriously, I have put on a lot of weight. I dunno why, my body, is somehow a strong believer of "Conservation of mass!” Crap! I am not able to lose even a nanogram of weight! I guess it’s hard to defy gravity!
6. I will sit in the last benches during the class, something that I haven't done consistently, ever since I have joined engineering. I just wanna test if that 'residing' in the 'last bench' factor is gonna affect my IA marks and prove deterrent, in any way in my academics!
7. I will try to improve my blogging potentials.
8. I will definitely take a little time off, to play some cricket, after my classes, a part of my weight reduction venture.
9. I will try to visit the reading room(?), atleast once in day. I almost have forgotten it's existence!
10. I will ensure that I would not miss any of Aamir khan's films, someone whose, I am a die hard fan!
11. I will do a lot of reading, something other than those Microcrocontroller, OS, or VLSI stuff. I mean some novels.
12. I will try to convince my college authorities to better call off the internet service(?), coz it's more of a trouble than a service. They are giving a very poor service.The speed is pathetic. (I guess one can have a lunch before, a web page opens!)

Lemme just keep a check on these resolutions. I would be all the more contented, if I am found to have accomplished, even 50% of what I have planned.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Weird and nuts!

I have off late been doing weird things! Certified by none other than my own heart! I have been:

1. I have been in to counting my scraps! I dunno it has some how enthralled me. Might sound outrageously flaunting, but it's true. (Really stupid!)

2. I have been in to some audacious and addictive blogging habits off late. Inspite of some statutory warnings from my friends, I have overridden them all! Just to sound as somebody rebellion or something, dunno...

3. I am also in to counting, how many times has my "Losedows" OS crashed, ever since i have joined engineering. It really sucks! U can have my word on that.

4. I just wonder how blogger gives such a wonderful service free of cost! Thnx to it, I have found a nice platform to express all my weird ramblings.

5. I wonder how long I will be able to blog and how long will ppl have to bear with me?

6. Orkut again! I am keenly in to counting how many friends are there in my list, and my friend's. Come on guys, I know one may say, "It's not the quantity, but the quality that matters!", but some how, not convinced!

7. I have been wondering if "Losedows" ever can think of a better way of developing an OS. When will ppl get freedom from those awry, stupid messages and warnings!

8. Would I surivive if I would be deprived of an internet access? I have fallen deeply in love with it, a very mellowish way to admit an obsession, isn't it?

9. I have been aimlessly sauntering in the world of WWWs. Dunno i just humm those lines from KANK, "Mera mann ye bata de tu, kis aur chala he tu... ".

10. Last but not the least, I wonder if all those elusive derivations and so called 'wonderful concepts' that have been stocked in to my brain, ever since I have joined engineering, will I ever be able to put them to use somewhere?

PS: Just dunno, why in these wee hours of the morning, I have been bloggging about silly things like these. Better rest my PC for a while and this web as well. I guess I have troubled my "Losedows" OS a lot, poor chap! I guess it can't handle it any more, already 'coughing', and showing some sure signs of a 'fever'!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

IT's My Life

I wanted to post this one before, but somehow couldn't. Anywayz it's better late than never. I really enjoy this evergreen song, a song that inspired my blog title.

Song: It's My Life
Artist: Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
A silent prayer for the faith-departed
I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just wanna live while I'm alive
It's my life

This is for the ones who stood their ground
For Tommy and Gina who never backed down
Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake
Luck ain't even lucky
Got to make your own breaks

It's my life
And it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life

Better stand tall when they're calling you out
Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down

It's my life
And it's now or never
'Cause I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive

It's my life
And it's now or never
'Cause I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Brand furore...

For all those brand conscious and die hard fans of international brands out there, here is my view point on how these brand have invaded in to our lives, and how we have been victimized by this plague of tagging ourselves with unnecessary international brands. I feel, that we have all been slowly been 'seduced', to get addicted to these so called, 'Quality brands'. India has off late emerged, as a self proclaimed (as per brand makers) potential market (actually a 'dumpsite') for all the international brands.

Today's markets are deluged with, what one often calls 'Branded' stuffs. Like it or not, the various brand makers are sure to foray in to your 'homes' with their brands, through their 'innovative' blandishments. The marketing of these stuffs are so powerful and enticing that you can hardly resist the temptation of getting yourself tagged as 'Branded’. I have subtly begun to look around at things and started to wonder, if there is anything or anyone who has survived this rage of 'Brand Mania'.

Let me make myself pretty clear, my 'agitation' is not against any brand or brand maker, but is against the 'hoax claims' they make to prove that their brands are indispensable and must buy product by anyone and everyone.

Let's get a bit pragmatic and I will try to be very substantial in my views as well.

This entire brand mania is the 'product' of a meticulous and articulate planning from the brand makers. The process of which typically involves these stages (simplified):
  • Come up with any brand.
  • Get your brand a popular brand ambassador. (Catch hold of some hot cakes like Sachin, Dhoni, SRK, Aish, or Aamir, the Indian versions of Brad Pitt or Angelina Joley).
  • Slog the TV channels with the ads of your brand .
  • Trap the customers in to a vicious circle of 'Brand cacoethes'. I tell you with my personal exps, once you are trapped in this circle, you will never make your way out of this.
I would like to just bring it the notice of the readers, how we have gotten ourselves trapped in to this 'quick sand' of branded stuffs, and how much our dependency has increased on these so called 'Quality Brands'.

Let me illustrate how a common man, (Any one who can presumably categorized under 'above the poverty line' strata of economy) has become a soft target of these ‘vultures’:
  • You get up in the morning and slip in to your bath room; you would find that your bathroom, in entirety is a mini mall of international brands. The brands ranging form your tooth paste to the high-priced shaving creams or the international brands of soaps. They have quietly invaded your bath room.
  • Nice kick start for a day, a good jog! Hey don't worry; you have the brands to save u again. Nike or Addidas are here buddy, step in to them and get 'rolling'.
  • You get to the table for a break fast, find your spouse getting u a nice bread toast (courtesy - microwave Owen, preferably an international brand) or some corn flakes (again a branded stuff). All these make up a nice inevitable part of your daily appetites.
  • You head off towards your car, to get to your office. Oops! again a wonderful, fatty priced imported brand. Seems, we have almost lost even remotely any habit of commuting in buses or any public vehicle.
  • Your work in the office stressful? Are you thinking of something, anything cooling and soothing? Worry not buddies, you are welcomed by those so called branded soft drinks, Coke and Pepsi outlets allure you (Even if they are as good as a fertilizer, you hardly care!).
  • Get over to a restaurant, and you have these brands following u like your shadow. You now order pizzas and burgers more than you even ever ordered for a meal (Indian dishes). The pizza huts and Mac Donald’s seems to be minting money. Thnx to your eating appetites.
  • Get back to your house, tired? Bored of that hectic schedule? Not to worry buddy!, you can get rejuvenated by these very brands again. A home theater or a DVD player (Branded), would sure bring u back to 'spirits'. Get yourself immersed in to any TV show (these days majority of them are a crap!).It's the commercials again, "Long live the Brands!”, a unanimous slogan of all the TV channels.
  • You finally get back to you bed, to catch a nice sleep. Hey wait, did we miss out something. Yeah, an AC! guys, to keep you and your room cooled.
The list just gets exhaustive as one goes on naming them. The bottom line is, even though it's best to get yourself the 'Quality brands', you need to decide judiciously of it's necessity in one's life or else you end up buying yourself a mini shopping mall.

PS: Being tagged as 'Branded', may seem a luxury, but in the long run, your sure to find your earnings leaking through these pours called 'Brands'. So be very choosy and go for a brand only if it's inevitable.

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My first day in the final year.

Officially, 2day was my first day in the final year of my graduation. The final year brings with it, a gr8 feeling, one that u could passionately 'boast' about. It’s gr8 to get in to the league of 'super seniors' in the college. It's really a thrill to be here and I am loving it.

My first class, from8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. was on OS (operating systems). My college life, seems to have finally beckoned me, ”Better get back your 8:00 to 5:00 schedule!” I have gracefully accepted the call. Today we just learnt a few definitions of OS and also a little intro in to what we would be learning in days to come.

The class ended by 9:00 A.M. It was followed by a long break, (we don't have lab sessions, as other 2 batches have got one, 9:00 - 12:30). I just hate these so called 'break' stuff ha, it just never seems to let go of me. (It has followed me like a bethaaal, right from SEM 2). Anywayz, I have decided this time that I wouldn't find myself doing anything remotely 'technical' stuff in this break. That's a deal!

One more thing that's put me in to a dilemma is about the choice of my elective, I have get 100s of opinions and advices, regarding what could make a wise decision. I am struck hopelessly, between DS (Data Structures) and Radar Systems. I am personally inclined towards Radar Systems. Let's see if I can finally resolve this issue.

Today was a very special day. We received the offer letters, from Mind tree. I collected mine from the T&P cell. Guys that's official, I am going to be in this wonderful firm, in the near future. I am longing to get in to it.

After that I just had some work, which I finished with it and had my 'lunch' or infact an extended breakfast. The after noon session was class on DS and Microcontroller. I must admit, that I have sort of got saturated learning abt this stuffs ha... I dunno if it's more out of my lack of practical implementations or what? Anywayz I would try my best to get akin to all this (as if had a different choice ha :)).

The day just got better when I had a nice snacks session at 'Hale Mane', with my friend Srinidhi. Nice hideouts for all those, who are the die hard fans of typical south Indian dishes

Amidst all this Rains seems to be peeking in to my daily routine every now and then, just to remind me, "It's still monsoon buddy!"

I hate these RAINS (Regularly-Anticipated-Intermittent-Notorious-Showers). I hate their intermittent nature in particular, they sort of drag me in to an irresistable state of mental dormancy.

But these rains, just give it a damn, and they have been pouring relentlessly...

Now I am here, jotting this down blog entry, with a wonderful sip of coffee, intermittently, (to keep my tempo going...) while still it's pouring 'shamelessly' outside. I guess the nature rules here and I dare not go one-on-one with it...

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Living in present tense...

My mind has off late been simply oscillating between the past and present. I find myself taken totally off-guard, by this metal sway. I had plans to jot down my carks long back. I write this article, with a back drop that I had, from long back, been arguing with the 'someone', (forgive me for being surreptitious, I can't disclose the person's name) on this concept of 'living in present tense'.

If my prelude still leaves u confounded, let's get more straight and clear. This article is about the concept I utterly believe in, the one that says,” We all should learn to live in the present, rather than getting lost in the glory of the past or cling to unforeseen 'futuristic fallacies". I make myself very clear on this, I am not against dreams nor those own them. I strongly believe in these lines, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt. That's what keeps me aiming for something high in life, each time I surpass a land mark (little ones though...).

I dunno if I am a lone victim of this jeopardy, a state of 'trishaknu', one that swings from past through the present (though only for a few nano seconds in present) and in to the future. I hate ppl when they keep nagging about their present state, @ times when everything seems so gud and nice in shape. They just want to get in to the future (defying all laws of science).

The ppl who fall in either category, are sure to be found fallen sound 'asleep', when an opportunity, in present tense actually knocks.
I believe that, one need to appreciate his/her present life and if it's really smothering, should pull out plans to overcome them, rather than simply nagging abt it.

I guess this small 'story' should make my ideas very clear.

There once lived a guy, who always wanted to get in to future, (dunno from when this craze creped in to him). When his parent's joined him to the school, he used to tell his friends, "I just want to get in to High school. It's so boring to be here." When he got in to high school, he began to say, "U know college life really rocks, what's there in a high school, enough of this kids stuff ...” When he stepped in to the college, he began to sing new tunes, "The college life isn't rocking buddies, I just feel so smothering here, I am longing to get in to a job and settle down in life...". The guy got in to a nice company, but his nagging never stopped, he used to say to his colleagues, "This job really sucks and so does my personal life. I just want to marry, have kids and a nice family, and then I can be happy...” He tied the knot to a beautiful lady. But our "Nagger", never seems to have learnt any lessons from the past, he used to say to his wife, "I wish my kids grow up sooner, I would get retired from my work and then leave peacefully..." His kids grew-up, he also retired, but was never happy. Finally, 'that' day arrived, he was counting his last breaths...They say, "It's better late than never.” he got enlightenment; he called his wife and children, and said, "I have done a grave mistake all my life. I never appreciated my present life. I kept on hoping to get in to a nice future, while what I managed to do was to destroy a beautiful, priceless present. Plz don't commit the same mistake, which I commited. Learn to live in the present and appreciate your present life.”

Then guy finally closed his eyes, but surely had opened a lot of eyes which still 'spoil' their present, by nagging abt the lack of it comfort ness or conduciveness. I say, friends only when we learn to appreciate the beauty of the 'present' will we be able to enjoy and live in a promising future. So friends, never let this happen to you, learn to live in the present tense.

PS: One cannot change what has happened in the past. One doesn't know what is going to happen in the future, coz none has seen it before hand. One can certainly live in the 'present', which is the only eternal truth.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Being momentarily contemporary...

After all those evasively sensible and substantive blog entries (?) in my blog, I have received a lot of feedbacks. They came to me in all sizes, and from all corners. No matter how they were, I loved them all. They ranged from those typical 'just fumbled across your blog' stuff to some very serious and critical ones. It is a good sign, for any system with a feedback is always dynamic. Thnx to all those reviews, for they have cleared beyond doubt, that my blog is 'Dynamic'. Keep them coming.

Now to the real stuff of this post. I have begun to think of this, do my blog entries hold the same relevance, say 1 or 2 years down the line? It's really been haunting me. I have been in to blogging very recently, and my blogging potentials are still in the stages of infancy. I have always believed that ‘texting’ of your ideas or thoughts ditto, as they rush through your minds, is a real tough job. I am still learning the subtle skills of a truly seasoned blogger. There’s a long way to go, and I am on my path of imbibing all those skills.

I still remember when I first read about this powerful tool, popularly known as blogs. My first ever blog visit was, a blog owned by a student of ISB, Pratima Jayaram. I really liked her writing style and the way she used to put her ideas in a convincing fashion. Then some where down the line, I also 'dreamt' of having a blog of my own. That's how was born, my blog "IT'S MY LIFE". Thnx to the blog and its owner, I owe both of them a lot. I have derived a lot of inspiration from her blog. From then on, there has been no looking back. I have been blogging stupendously.

All was ok, until I was confronted with this 'Relevancy of my blog" stuff. What accompanies this is a worry, the thing they call it typically "Being contemporary" in your work. Now that puts any blogger in to some serious retrospection. I have begun to question to myself, how contemporary are my blog entries? The answer to this is still mystical.

But one thing is for sure, whatever I have blogged till date were either things I have experienced personally or concepts I have utterly believed in. I see my blog as a wonderful tool to express all my carks. I have firmly believed that, no matter how 'Lilliputian' my dreams or my ideas may be, I would jot them down and ensure that I turn them all in to a reality.

Off late blogging has become an obsession, more out of sheer happiness it gives me in sharing my thoughts and feelings and less for the mere sake of scribbling something crap. Sorry, I am not in to it. I mean what I write.

Finally, I end it here, with a question to all you bloggers (and readers as well) out there, Have ever been haunted with this "Being momentarily contemporary" stuff?

If yes, let me know...

PS: I feel that being momentarily contemporary in your blog entries is a joy in itself, as it leaves behind an impression of all those thoughts and ideas that arise in your mind out of sheer whim. A priceless asset registered in text and image, in your online dairy called blog.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

How much do u spend and where?

I happen to read a very thought provoking article in a Kannada daily, about 'The 4 circles'. Here is the article, in nutshell.

The article was about what percentage of time we devote in a span of month or year for these’4 circles'. The circles here signify, 4 ’realms’ of our day-today life:

· Personal life
· Family life
· Professional life
· Social life

Let's just take a small assignment. Take a sheet of paper and draw 4 circles, the diameter of each being proportional to percentage of the total time devoted to each circle, in a month or year. Also u need to write down below each circle, how do you spend your time in that ‘circle’?

Before we get into analysis, let's see what these four circles we talked about, symbolize:

1.Personal Life: The time you spend with yourself, away from the 'bhaag daud' of day-today life. It also is the time one spends for spiritual practices, may be Yoga, Meditation or prayers. It is the time, one sits back and reviews his own work, decisions, and decides future course of actions.

2.Family Life: The time you spend with your family, be it with your parents or siblings or your wife (or husband) or children. Its time where you get to enjoy the feel of the family bondings. Its as important as any other circle, bcoz its the only time when you get to cater to the needs or listen to the ppl, who depend on you or are very close to you.

3.Professional Life: It’s a very important circle of your life. One needs Vitamin M (money) to survive. So you naturally spend more time here than anywhere else. It’s the time you spend @ your work place or college. It’s the time you need to spend building strategic plans to ensure that your professional career graph is one the rise. Ironically this circle inevitably deglutitions majority of your time!!!

4.Social Life: Unless and until you happen to be very enthusiastic and plan your schedules to perfection, I am sure the dia of this circle is undoubtedly the smallest. It’s not the case with only, but with majority of them. Have you ever spent your free time on a weekend, visiting an NGO or Volunteered to any event, held for a social cause.

Now do you realize how much is the demand for your precious time?

From the analysis, we come to know that, not all are even able to draw all the four circles. All those who managed to do it, have failed pathetically at keeping the dias of 4 circles approximately uniform.

Are u done with the assignments? If yes, its time for some analysis.

Here is the analysis. It holds good for the majority of us, with an exception that you are not a Nobel Laureate or some one. (It demands more time in circle 3)

Here we go ...

Out of the 24 hrs in a day; we spend approx 8hrs @ our work place and 2hrs for commutation. That means a good 10 hrs @ for circle 3. Then we spend nearly 8- 10hrs for sleep (a figure that might vary with ppl). That adds to a total of 20 hrs in a day. That means we are not in control of them. We are left with only 4hrs of time, to spend in the other 3 circles. You need to really plan smart to ensure you are right there spending ample time in other circles as well.

Now that is exactly where all the problems arise. Majority of us fail hopelessly to manage this time. We then begin to blame of 'scarcity' of time, one thing that you need to spend with your family or yourself or do some social service.

Are you one of those who have off late begun to feel that your professional circle suddenly is subsuming the other circles? If yes, its time for you to awake. There are other circles, you need to cater for as well, coz they are also the integral part of your life. Its time for you to prioritize your needs.

One can also ask arguably. Is it not possible for the 4 circles, with different diameters?

The answer to this:

The 4 circles are like the 4 legs of a chair. If all of them are not of the same length, there is an imbalance. It holds good for your life as well. Circles of different diameter, only means an imbalance in your life. At times you do find that a particular 'leg' of the chair, is stronger than the rest. It’s simply bcoz; it might be handling a greater load than others.

PS: To ensure that no circle encroaches the territory of the other, you need to carefully and meticulously plan your time.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My E&C 'gang' @ Davana 2006, BIET.

My E&C 'gang' @ Davana 2006, BIET, Davangere

From L to T: sandy, harisha, praveena, soma, viveka, myself, sharana, sundeep, vinay.

Guys I have a left out a few, kanta, Vijay, Verni, Manja, Karade, Maaams, kisna, Dada etc...

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Monday, August 07, 2006

My trip to Sringeri.

I share with u my experience of my trip to a wonderful place called Sringeri. I hope u enjoy it as much as I did. Read on...

We had plans to visit this gr8 place, from quite a long time. The day of our trip was fixed to be 6th august, 2006 (Sunday). Sandeep and I, had it planned pretty well. So everything was set, for what was going to be really an exciting jaunt.

On the day of the trip, I got up @ 5:30 in the morning, and after the usual rituals, I left my house at about 6:25 A.M. I went straight to Sandeep's house. I found him almost finished with his preps as well. When we finally set out, it was about 6:35 A.M.

We reached the bus stop of Amaravthi colony, @ about 6:40 A.M. But to our gr8 dismay, we couldn't get a single bus to Harihar. We had waited there for almost, 25+ minutes, only to see buses plying to Davangere, and none towards Harihar. (Except a few express buses, that don't stop @ my place.) Finally, we had fortunes favoring us, when my friend Virupakshi, dropped us to the bus stand. It was a nice little 'trips ride'. We thanked Virupakshi for his timely help and boarded a bus to shimoga, which was about to leave.

The bus left for Shimoga @ about 7:15 A.M. We had our tickets issued for shimoga, (it costs 41 bucks from Harihar), a place which is about 72+ kilometers from Harihar and takes about 2hrs by bus, to reach. I and Sandeep were awake till late night, the previous day, (I am a real internet geek and a perfect nocturnal creature!!!). So both of us needed the much needed nap. So we effortlessly crept in to nap. All the way till Honnali, we slept unperturbed and even the pathetic roads till Honnali, couldn't wake us up from our 'deep naps'.

It was about 8:15 A.M., when we reached Honnali, were a few college students got in to our bus, and a few others got down, as it was their destination. The wheels of the bus were back, rolling towards shimoga and so were our minds, towards completion (naps) of an undesired, abrupt interruption. I personally hate such abrupt disturbances, from a sound nap. It's aftermath almost simulates a hallucination. But nevertheless, I had no time to blame anybody, so slept again.

It was about 9:15 A.M approximately, when I 'got up' to senses, along with my friend, Sandeep. We guys were really feeling rejuvenated after that nice nap. Soon after that we got down from the bus @ shimoga bus stand and headed towards, hotel Ashoka, for a quick break fast. My friend was really hungry, coz he had told me that, he sleept without a supper the previous night.

At about 9:30 A.M. we left for Sringeri, our final destination, in a bus we boarded @ the private bus stand. These are the buses, which are the 'frequent fliers' to Sringeri. We took the route of Shimoga - Thirthalli - Sringeri. We were told that, we would be @ Sringeri, by 12:30 P.M., (the tickets cost 55 - 58 bucks) a good 3hrs of journey by bus. It had been raining for quite a while I guess in shimoga, coz we could see its 'impressions' every where. But as of then, it was bright and clear, a nice environ for some one to set out for a trip

Just to keep us engaged during the travel, Sandeep got two English dailies, TOI and The Hindu. I took TOI and read it for a while, I happen to read article about "WWW ... ", it was about the World Wide Web, and its contribution in making our lives better. August, 06, 2006 happens to be the 15th 'anniversary' of this technology. Hats off to those gr8 minds, if not for their 'WWW' technology, I would not have been able to register my experiences in my blog and you wouldn't have been reading it.

I also happen to read about a nice article on 'blogging trends in Indians'. It had meticulously highlighted, with stats, the trend of blogging in Indians, who off late seem to have been smitten, by this bug called 'blogs' (for a better cause though). It also emphasized on the need for medium like blog, where u get to share your views points with Lakhs of people out there. It also mentioned the names of few blogging sites. It also mentioned the goals of a blog, i.e. to reach an audience and making oneself 'heard'

After reading a few more articles in TOI, about Negative attitude or something, we exchanged the papers. I now got in to Hindu. It also had an article about blogs, though it focused more on journalism evolution via blogs. I also read something about friendship day. The rest was those normal stuff u get in a daily.

Both the articles for sure proved beyond doubt that blogs are now more than just a trend. It was proved during the Mumbai blasts and showed that a blog can be something just an online dairy. I am, for sure a have become a 'victim' of this mania of blogs. It has given me a medium to speak my heart out, and put across my feelings opines, opinions and. It really seems to have taken me in one stride!!!

I finally got myself out of these newspapers, only to find that weather had been playing "hide & seek" game. Yes it had begun to drizzle again. I just lazed in my seat and waited to reach Tirthalli, an intermediate destination. We finally reached Thirthalli, at about 11:10 A.M. We were told that, we had to wait another 45 minutes, coz a bus to Sringeri, from there, had not yet arrived. (Then I was acknowledged by the driver, a similar situation was usual on Sunday). Damn it!!! Suddenly all our plans seemed to be crashing. Coz even the fastest bus, (on this route) would drop u to Sringeri, nowhere within 1:45 P.M. and that meant a closed door @ the temple and a denial of 'darshanam' of goddess "Saradhamba", until 5:00 P.M.

We just lolled around for a while and some how 'killed the time'. It was finally about 11:50 A.M., when we left Thirthalli. But I tell u these guys, don't leave the place until, they have a full bus. But they somehow keep up their time for sure. (God knows how ...) The bus finally left for Sringeri @ 12:15 P.M, with a projected target time of 1:45 P.M., to reach Sringeri. We just had remotely begun to sense that, we would have to re-plan the whole trip.

The bus blazed through the cold winds of malanadu, amidst the rains, which by now had become torrent. Myself and Sandeep might have cursed the travel guy, a zillion times, only to get a false assurance from him that we could make it easily and have darshanam @ Sringeri. Then we just slipped in to short nap. I found myself awake, @ about 1:10 P.M, near a place "Gudda kere". The travel guy told us that he was waiting for an agent, to submit, the collection details. It was still slightly pouring, not with the previous intensity though. Finally the 'travel agent' arrived and the bus was back on its journey, rushing its way through, all odds of "Nature, the almighty!".

All though way through, we were seated in the last row of the bus, (my favorite place in a bus). We just had a 'nice experiences', nothing less than being in a roller coaster. The rains only seemed to aggravate in intensity and showed no signs of 'calming down'. I was worried coz; I had ignorantly turned down my father's idea of carrying an umbrella. Now I was here, repenting my ostentatious behavior of proving that I don't need any advice from anybody.

We had another stop @ some place, I don't remember the place though, @ about 1:25 P.M., for a tea break. (I dunno if it was the right time to have one). Soon the driver got back and I heard the conductor say, "Right right ...".Now I was anxiously worrying about the weather @ Sringeri. Bcoz rains in "malanadu" are mercilessly intense and u can't commit a bigger blunder than being here without an umbrella. So I was waiting for those rains to stop.

Goddess, Saradambha, seems to have heard my prayers, and the weather, was undergoing a transition, all the time favoring us. We finally reached Sringeri; it was about 2:00 P.M. We hired an auto to the Sringeri temple, from the bus stop. We reached the temple and only found the doors of the temple closed. We stood there for a while, just gazing at it and also cursed our bad luck. Here was no way out, we had to stay back till 5:00 P.M. So in the mean time we thought of watching the river, Tunga, which seemed to be on full flow.

Sringeri is located amidst the Sahyadri hills (Western Ghats) in Chikamaglur district of Karnataka, heart of "malandu", on the left bank of the river Tunga. We headed towards it's bank, where to my to my pleasant surprise, I found my friend Vishwanath, who happened to be there with his parents. We talked there for while, and appreciated the beauty of the place. The Temple stands on the left bank of river Tunga. The river was flowing with full glare and force. It’s really a gr8 treat to watch the river from the steps that lead back to the temple. The river bank (left bank) has a classic beau ideal, of a snake sheltering a frog in labor, from the scorching rays of tropical sunlight. A place where even natural animosities did not exist, inspired Adi Shankaracharya to install at
that place, the Goddess of learning, Sri Sarada. What a paragon isn't it?

We took leave off my friend, and left for lunch. We had to lunch outside in an udupi hotel, something u can find in plenty here. I personally recommend, that u plz refrain from going to these hotels, unless it inevitable, for two reasons:

1. it’s relatively costly.
2. The food isn't worth its pay (in terms of its quantity). A modest meal would cost u 15 -20 bucks and it hardly makes a luncheon.

The Sringeri matt, provides an excellent meal (& supper), to all its visitors. It starts from 11:30 A.M. & extends to 2:00 P.M. So make sure you are available within that time slot for a lunch, if u happen to be out there any time.

After the luncheon, we had still ample time left over; it was only 2:50 P.M. So Sandeep came up with an idea of 'exploring' the place. But it was still drizzling, and we waited for nearly 20+ min for it to stop. In the mean while, I called back to my home, to inform them about our 'new plan'. Yes, we had now planned to wait till we got the darshanam and offered a small pooja @ the temple. So our return time now extended from 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. (midnight). Sandeep also did the same.

After a while it stopped raining and we were out exploring the small town. We happen to purchase a nice photo of goddess Saradambha along with Guru Sri Adi Sankaracharya and Sri Bharati Theertha swamiji. Sandeep got himself a nice piece of art of goddess Saradambha and a few cards of the same. Then we got in to a cold drink stall and had a 'Fanta'. That's Sandeep, he is very uncanny and a 'rebel' in himself. It was his idea to have a cold drink in that cold & chilly weather, and as usual I had to concur.

It was about 3:40 P.M., when we returned to the premises of the temple. We now were able to hear a very nice voice, melodiously singing some classical songs. The voice seemed to pull us towards itself, much like a whirlpool. We got in to the hall, where we discovered that it was a musical performance, staged in commemoration of Vidhwan late Sri Kanchana V Murthy. We relished the musical treat, offered by a 'brigade' of girls. It was followed by another musical entertainer, a renowned classical singer from shimoga (don't remember his name). I enjoyed them a lot. It was 4:55 when we left the hall, but the musical extravaganza was still on.

The temple re-opened @ exactly 5:00 P.M., (I must tell u these ppl are very particular about time) and we finally got the much awaited darshanam of goddess "Saradambha". The golden image of Sarada was also installed then at the Sarada temple. The temple also houses ruby images of Venugopala and Srinivasa and a Nandi made out of a large pearl. Several inscriptions are seen in the temple, describing contributions made by the Vijayanagar emperors. It so spectacular to watch the goddess there. There is for something special about this place. It draws devotees from all round the country and even abroad. I liked the calmness and sanctity of the place. I have been here on 3 occasions before, and the fact that it nurtured such a rich culture and heritage for centuries, still fascinates me.

Then we visited The Vidyashankara temple, built in memory of Guru Vidyashankara or Vidyathirtha by Vidyaranya, with the aid of the Vijayanagar rulers in the 14th century. This temple combines the Hoysala and Dravida architectural features. It stands on a richly sculptured basement. There are six doorways leading into the temple. The twelve pillars in the mandapam are named the Raasi pillars, and are so arranged that the sun's rays fall on each of them, in the order of the solar months. A perfect blend of science and spirituality.

One can also go to take the darchanam of Sri Bharati theertha swamiji, who reside on the other back of river Tunga. A bridge connects this end of the bank to a wonderful, 'vanam', full of lush greenery and calmness, on the other. We couldn't go since the time of visit (on normal days) is from around 10:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M. and from 5:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. If not for the delay of our visit, we could have had the darshanam of swamiji as well.

We returned back to the Sarada temple, to offer a "Kunkumarchanam". By about 6:00 P.M., we had finished with the pooja and we left the temple premises, half-heartedly. I wish I could have stayed there for some more time, but we had no other option and we had to return, coz we were getting late. We finally got a bus, to shimoga @ 6:15 P.M. The conductor of the bus, told us that we woud be there @ shimoga, by 9:15 P.M.

It was around 9:15 P.M., when we reached Shimoga. I must admit it again, these guys (private bus) are very particular about time and they proved it again. We had our supper, @ hotel Ashoka, (it adds to the list of those relatively costly hotels). I phoned my house to tell my parents about my "whereabouts", and told them we would reach Harihar by 12:00 P.M.

Before we boarded, the Belgaum bus (these buses go to Belgaum via Harihar), Sandeep and I happened to talk to our friend, who informed us about the "campus recruitment status" and latest developments. We were happy to discover that 3 of our friends from E&C had got placed in Tech Mahindra. The bus left the Shimoga bus stand, by around 9:45 P.M.; we were back to Harihar, our final return destination.

I was all the thinking of this nice place and the fun we had there. We got a seat in the last row of the bus. (But I didn't like about it was it had a thick film of the entire all the filth of the city. We just wiped it off and had to re-occupy it. It was a nice moonlit night and we wheeled ourselves towards Harihar.

I gracefully accepted an open invitation from goddess of sleep "Nidra Devi". I had for the Nth time, in the whole journey crept in to another short nap.

It was finally 11:40 P.M, when we got up. We saw glimpses of the familiar buildings and the NH4 highway. Bus was cruising through, we were approaching our final destination, Harihar, my home town. It was exactly 11:50 P.M., when we got down from the bus and hired an auto back home. I reached my home finally by around 12:15 A.M.

The day for sure had turned out to be truely a memorable one. I had enjoyed every moment of it and relished my entire trip.

U can find a few nice pics(I got those pics from my friend and nice pics of the temple).

PS: The trip has left in me a lingering feeling, one of total blissfulness.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Luck finally says, "I am back !!!"

Today was a day just opposite to yesterday's, and thats why I ahve titled my post as above. I got my work finished with the college, without any hickups. I got my marks card attestation copies, duly signed by vice-prinicpal.

I finally have got my passport application submitted to the concerned authorities. The guy just seemed to be all the more helpful today and helped me out to finialize my form entires. I got the necessary enclosures attested and submtted them to them.

It was about 1:15 P.M., when we were out of the office, along with a fresh form for my friend, with a satisfaction of having acomplished for what I had set out for. After that I shared a small treat with my friend. I was happy that today, luck never left me any further to suffer. I must say, "Thnx Mr.fate, for all ur kindness ..."

Thnx to my friend srinidhi, for helping me out.

PS: The day marked the triumph of a planned approach to accomplish a mission.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Just a day when nothing went my way ...

I am really enervated @ the end of, what has really been a fatiguing day for me. The worst part of it being, nothing really seemed to be going right. Luck suddenly seems to have gone for a walk, leaving me, all by myself to suffer a 'bit' (?). All my 'best laid plans' just got screwed up ...

I had plans of submitting the 'duly' filled application form for a passport, @ Davangere post office. After getting a clearance from the authorities, regarding the authenticity of my enclosures, yesterday, I reached the post office, @ about 10:00 A.M. With full confidence of getting the job done in one stride, I made my way in to the passport office. But it wasn't all that simple, as I had assumed it would be. It all began, with my name, I had entered it as, "SURESH SRIDHARA MURHTY", but the guy, out there, now said that it should have been, "SRIDHARA MURHTY SURESH" ... It took me by surprise, as he was the same person, who had 'certified' about the correctness of the details in the application form. I had to get it right.

After that was the turn of the enclosures, he now suddenly demanded an attestation from the college of X std and Engg marks card. I had an attestation for X std, but I had no clue that I needed one for my engg marks card as well (How silly I was, isn't it?). He also demanded me to produce the originals of my ration card, when I showed him the photocopies of the same. But fortunately, he assured me of attesting it, provided I showed him the original ration card. I left the post office @ around 11:00 A.M.

Now all this meant that I had to return home empty handed without the job done. But I decided to at least get the job of an attestation for my marks card of Engineering (4th sem) completed. I reached the college by around 11:20 A.M. But the guy @ the office in BIET, refused to do the attestation for me, on the grounds that, I had failed to produce the original copy of 4th sem marks card. Now U might have got it, how I might have been cursing all day, my bad luck. But it's just a begining... The guy asked me to meet him in the after-noon, and assured me to attest my marks card. I returned happily, with a bit of satisfaction of at least having some part of my job completed.

I finally returned home by about 12:45 P.M., and quickly arranged all the demanded enclosures, originals of ration card, my 4th SEM marks card (original), and a few more copies of my II PUC and X marks cards. After my lunch, by about 2:30 P.M., I went to harihar, along with my friend Sandeep. We got a few copies of bus pass form and we left for the college.

I reached the college, @ about 3:30 P.M.; I headed straight away to the office. But the guy @ the office, suddenly seemed to have begun to sing 'new tunes'. He asked me to go to some other colleague of his to get my work done. His colleague also seemed to do the same... This game of 'tossing responsibility' went on for a while. I felt, I had enough of it, so I just asked the guy who had assured me in the morning firmly, "Could you plz tell me what is the procedure to get, my marks card attested... ". I guess firmness in my tone worked, and one of them finally got my job done. I felt a bit relieved. (It seemed to me that there was a lack of understanding between them ... anywayz who the hell cares ...). I also had my bus pass signed from the concerned office staff, and we left the college by around 4:15 P.M.

After that, as per priorities, I headed towards the post office, while Sandeep headed towards DVG main bus stand to get a his new bus pass. I just asked him to wait for me @ the bus stand till 5:30 P.M. I went to the post office, only to realize that, I had just committed a big blunder... Boy!!! I forgot to remember that the passport office didn't operate after 2:30 P.M. It was clearly written just outside the office (another addition to the series of blunders, I have been commiting all day...).

By then I was literally jaded. I just threw @ them, a look, that said, "Com'on u guys can't do this to me...” But then, they were helpless. To add to my agony, the guy @ the desk told me to get my attestation duly signed by Principal or by whomsoever in charge. (My bad luck almost made me do such insane things, like I even forgot that, without the signature of princi, the attestation is of no use). I left the office with utter desperation by around 4:45 P.M.

After that, as per my plan, I thought, I would get my bus pass ready, so that I could avoid over heads of bus fares, that I needed to pay, each time I visited to DVG. But bad luck didn't seem to let go of me so easily. What I saw, was a deserted, closed counter @ the bus stand. Then I looked for sandeep, @ the premises of the bus stand, but alas, I failed to get any sight of his, anywhere nearby.

I waited for about good 20+ minutes, outside the main bus stand, to catch a bus back to high school field, from where I could catch a bus to Harihar. I found Sandeep, there standing amidst, with equal exhaustion and desperation, of not getting his bus pass ready. We just talked about how bad my day had been and I just cursed myself for being so stupid as well. I should have been a bit more careful and alert...

After that we just went to meet my friend srinidhi, whom we found playing cricket, with his friends, @ the high school field. After a bit of talks with him, along with tea, in a near by stall. I just seemed to forget a bit of my 'failures' in the day. We took leave off him and were back to our place...

Tomorrow, I would set out on my 'mission' again, and would try to be more careful and alert. I just don't want to take any chances 2morrow. Let's hope for the best and my luck will soon return back from the 'stroll' ...

PS: When luck shows it's back to u, even the easiest of the jobs seem incredibly tough and u commit all the blunders, one could possibly imagine.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things I miss about PFS ...

I am feeling a bit reminiscent today. I was just remembering, all those wonderful things, I am missing about pfs (school/college). I really loved those days. This article is my 'dedication' to the golden memories that pfs has left in me. They are just priceless !!!

  • I miss all those cricket we used to play with Devraj sir and shivaprasad sir, along with a lot of my friends, in the park. It was for the first time I got fo play with a leather ball. I still remember those cricket (timepass though) we played with the 'base ball' (yeah friends we used to do those kind of crazy stuff)
  • I miss my chemistry labs and theory classes, lecturer Mr.Venkatesh murthy and his sterotype dialogue, "What actually ur aware of ..??", which he used to ask those front benchers and his deliberate mispronounciation of my friend's name as, "Vishnu murthy" (his actual name was vishwa murhty). It used to irritate me a lot @ that time, but friends, I miss them a lot now.
  • Hiremath sir, our kannada teacher and lecturer, the only person, who seemed to have be not afflicted with the 'plague' of "ENGLISH MANIA", that has encroached our pfs right from the begining. I still remember how magnificently, he had taught us, that "Yayati" play, in II PUC.
  • I miss badly those Kadak teas, in the lunch break and after college hours, outside pfs campus. I also miss those, hot roti-dals, we used to eat @ 'Rajasthani daba', just outside the college campus.I also miss those 'pim-poms', which seemed to have become an 'icon of style' ...
  • I miss all those cricket matches we had watched, bunking the chemistry classes, @ bachelor's hostel. I still know how difficult it was to freak out stealthily and watch them.. with a potential threat of being caught by the princi.
  • I miss those fun, we had in playing pranks with those "dangerous" chemicals. One of my friend had managed to flick a big lump of sodium, from the chemistry lab. We just enjoyed that 'thunderous' sound it made when we brought it in contact with moisture. We really had enjoyed that tiny 'nuclear explosion'. It was really freaky...
  • I also miss those titration experiments, where my friends who used to add all those irrelavent chemicals in to titration tubes, to ensure, Mr. Perfect (chemistry lecturer) missed out, from getting exact values.
  • I miss those prayer sessions, in the morning, where we were expected to wear, nicely polished 'black leather' shoes. I still remember how we used to cook up stories to avoid getting in to 'defaulters line', which would ensure, that ur break fast (if any ...) would be digested completely, after u would have a couple of rounds around the school ground.
  • I miss those CCA sessions on saturdays, where we used to have all kinds of extracurricular activites. I still remember how I had spoken passionately about topics like, "Science, a menace to humanity" or "Raja Ram Mohan Roy" or "About western culture and its impact"... All those were damn good days, I miss them ...
  • I miss those 'corner smashes' I used to hit in volley ball, I really miss those games stuff .. I get to understand them now... Ever since I entered in to engg, I hardly get to play cricket or volley ball.
  • I miss those, Sid Raj sir's typical music notes, u would find on 26th jan or 15th aug year after year. I also miss those 'dance numbers' I happened to perform on the pfs grounds, with my friends.
  • I miss those physics classes, where we used to solve problems dictated, by Shiva prasad sir... Guys I still know a typical problem he still gives to today, I quote here, "A bullllet (an extra stress on letter 'l') of mass 20 gm, travels with a speed of so and so... " I really miss my classes on linear and angular dynamics, I PUC.
  • I miss (?) those MD periods, on thursdays, (where a few of my friends would try till their last drop of blood, to miss out those sessions ...) I tell u, we were asked to do some wierd 'exercises' ( I have still not been benefited by them). I also remember those crazy excuses, I had given to miss a few MD sessions. I miss those running, hoping, back races after those excerices. Although I would always be close to the top in the list, provided u read it in the reverse order.
  • I miss those evergreen dialogue, from Sid Raj sir, after those, so called 'practice sessions' of national anthem, I quote below, "hey, It's not Ucchala jaladita ranga, It's Utkala jaladitha ranga... ok, lets have it once more...". I tell u guys, we never used to sing the former version, as told by him. But u know, somehow, he never seemed to let go of us, and would ask us to re-sing the whole national anthem... I guess he was just following the 'orders', to keep us engaged ...
  • I miss those, crazy english stuff, that we had to do, in 'work books' or 'comprehension in english', like complete those sentences or passages and describe the picture ... blah blah blah... Here, I share with u an episode on the same. We were asked to buy a new book for "comprehension in english", and almost all of us had one, except my friend (he just had a senior's copy..). When asked to purchase a new one, he had boldly told the teacher, "Nimigen bidri madam, college kodutte... namdh helri, navu dud kot purchase madbeku". After that he had a nice 'Rendezvous" with princi and ...
  • I miss all those typical dialogues from Ningappa sir, after exams, our the then, kannada teacher, "Charche madi ferfect agona..", and "yeno atthe maneg bandya... " stuff..Guys I really miss them...
  • I miss those songs, we used to play in bus, in a good 45+ minutes journey from college, to my house. I really loved those gossips, we used to share in the bus..
  • I also miss all those, 'marathi' calculations from sunithe madam, in maths class and also those stories she had narrated about yayati and Devyani, in 6th std ... I loved them.
There a lot of other things, I miss about pfs. I also miss, Shoba ma'am, our english lecturer, scouts & guides incharge, Magi madam, Dev raj sir (science teacher), Shiva prasad sir (physics professor), Sunandha ma'am (our history teacher) and a lot many of them... I owe them a lot.
August 15th, hapens to be just a couple of weeks away, I will try, if I could catch up with my old buddies and my golden days ..Back to pfs ( for a planned get-to..)

PS: I must say, "Those were the best days of my life ...", truly student life is the golden life...

Disclaimer: All the views, comments, and opinions expressed by me in this article, are purely personal and is not intended to ridicule or hurt anybody or any organization.

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