Friday, August 18, 2006

My first day in the final year.

Officially, 2day was my first day in the final year of my graduation. The final year brings with it, a gr8 feeling, one that u could passionately 'boast' about. It’s gr8 to get in to the league of 'super seniors' in the college. It's really a thrill to be here and I am loving it.

My first class, from8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. was on OS (operating systems). My college life, seems to have finally beckoned me, ”Better get back your 8:00 to 5:00 schedule!” I have gracefully accepted the call. Today we just learnt a few definitions of OS and also a little intro in to what we would be learning in days to come.

The class ended by 9:00 A.M. It was followed by a long break, (we don't have lab sessions, as other 2 batches have got one, 9:00 - 12:30). I just hate these so called 'break' stuff ha, it just never seems to let go of me. (It has followed me like a bethaaal, right from SEM 2). Anywayz, I have decided this time that I wouldn't find myself doing anything remotely 'technical' stuff in this break. That's a deal!

One more thing that's put me in to a dilemma is about the choice of my elective, I have get 100s of opinions and advices, regarding what could make a wise decision. I am struck hopelessly, between DS (Data Structures) and Radar Systems. I am personally inclined towards Radar Systems. Let's see if I can finally resolve this issue.

Today was a very special day. We received the offer letters, from Mind tree. I collected mine from the T&P cell. Guys that's official, I am going to be in this wonderful firm, in the near future. I am longing to get in to it.

After that I just had some work, which I finished with it and had my 'lunch' or infact an extended breakfast. The after noon session was class on DS and Microcontroller. I must admit, that I have sort of got saturated learning abt this stuffs ha... I dunno if it's more out of my lack of practical implementations or what? Anywayz I would try my best to get akin to all this (as if had a different choice ha :)).

The day just got better when I had a nice snacks session at 'Hale Mane', with my friend Srinidhi. Nice hideouts for all those, who are the die hard fans of typical south Indian dishes

Amidst all this Rains seems to be peeking in to my daily routine every now and then, just to remind me, "It's still monsoon buddy!"

I hate these RAINS (Regularly-Anticipated-Intermittent-Notorious-Showers). I hate their intermittent nature in particular, they sort of drag me in to an irresistable state of mental dormancy.

But these rains, just give it a damn, and they have been pouring relentlessly...

Now I am here, jotting this down blog entry, with a wonderful sip of coffee, intermittently, (to keep my tempo going...) while still it's pouring 'shamelessly' outside. I guess the nature rules here and I dare not go one-on-one with it...

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