Friday, August 11, 2006

How much do u spend and where?

I happen to read a very thought provoking article in a Kannada daily, about 'The 4 circles'. Here is the article, in nutshell.

The article was about what percentage of time we devote in a span of month or year for these’4 circles'. The circles here signify, 4 ’realms’ of our day-today life:

· Personal life
· Family life
· Professional life
· Social life

Let's just take a small assignment. Take a sheet of paper and draw 4 circles, the diameter of each being proportional to percentage of the total time devoted to each circle, in a month or year. Also u need to write down below each circle, how do you spend your time in that ‘circle’?

Before we get into analysis, let's see what these four circles we talked about, symbolize:

1.Personal Life: The time you spend with yourself, away from the 'bhaag daud' of day-today life. It also is the time one spends for spiritual practices, may be Yoga, Meditation or prayers. It is the time, one sits back and reviews his own work, decisions, and decides future course of actions.

2.Family Life: The time you spend with your family, be it with your parents or siblings or your wife (or husband) or children. Its time where you get to enjoy the feel of the family bondings. Its as important as any other circle, bcoz its the only time when you get to cater to the needs or listen to the ppl, who depend on you or are very close to you.

3.Professional Life: It’s a very important circle of your life. One needs Vitamin M (money) to survive. So you naturally spend more time here than anywhere else. It’s the time you spend @ your work place or college. It’s the time you need to spend building strategic plans to ensure that your professional career graph is one the rise. Ironically this circle inevitably deglutitions majority of your time!!!

4.Social Life: Unless and until you happen to be very enthusiastic and plan your schedules to perfection, I am sure the dia of this circle is undoubtedly the smallest. It’s not the case with only, but with majority of them. Have you ever spent your free time on a weekend, visiting an NGO or Volunteered to any event, held for a social cause.

Now do you realize how much is the demand for your precious time?

From the analysis, we come to know that, not all are even able to draw all the four circles. All those who managed to do it, have failed pathetically at keeping the dias of 4 circles approximately uniform.

Are u done with the assignments? If yes, its time for some analysis.

Here is the analysis. It holds good for the majority of us, with an exception that you are not a Nobel Laureate or some one. (It demands more time in circle 3)

Here we go ...

Out of the 24 hrs in a day; we spend approx 8hrs @ our work place and 2hrs for commutation. That means a good 10 hrs @ for circle 3. Then we spend nearly 8- 10hrs for sleep (a figure that might vary with ppl). That adds to a total of 20 hrs in a day. That means we are not in control of them. We are left with only 4hrs of time, to spend in the other 3 circles. You need to really plan smart to ensure you are right there spending ample time in other circles as well.

Now that is exactly where all the problems arise. Majority of us fail hopelessly to manage this time. We then begin to blame of 'scarcity' of time, one thing that you need to spend with your family or yourself or do some social service.

Are you one of those who have off late begun to feel that your professional circle suddenly is subsuming the other circles? If yes, its time for you to awake. There are other circles, you need to cater for as well, coz they are also the integral part of your life. Its time for you to prioritize your needs.

One can also ask arguably. Is it not possible for the 4 circles, with different diameters?

The answer to this:

The 4 circles are like the 4 legs of a chair. If all of them are not of the same length, there is an imbalance. It holds good for your life as well. Circles of different diameter, only means an imbalance in your life. At times you do find that a particular 'leg' of the chair, is stronger than the rest. It’s simply bcoz; it might be handling a greater load than others.

PS: To ensure that no circle encroaches the territory of the other, you need to carefully and meticulously plan your time.

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