Monday, August 28, 2006

Soft skills workshop by Infosys : Day 1

Under the campus connect program, an Infosys initiative, has organized a 4 day workshop on soft skill development, in our college, BIET, davangere. It's a workshop open to students of 7th SEM and the faculty members as well. The workshop aims to equip its attendees with the much needed soft skills, a necessary quality for any one who would be shortly foraying in to corporate world. After the workshop, we would be asked to guide our juniors (3rd SEM) in polishing their soft skills as well.

Considering the fact that most of the students, back here in advancer, get rejected in the HR interviews, the obvious reason being poor communication skills. This fact for sure has been a real alarm to the college authorities, to sincerely contemplate on a workshop like this. Hence the work shop has acquired the status of utter pre-eminence.

The event, scheduled from 25th Aug through 28th Aug, 2006, involves a meticulously planned 4+ hrs (2:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.) training, provided by trained faculty (from Infosys company), of our college. Today, happened to be the first day of this workshop, and I have already begun to enjoy it! It's really to a gr8 initiative by the college, to ensure that the campus recruitments in our college will be continually on the rise.

I would be sharing with you, my experience in the work shop, all through the 4 days. Hope it benefits you as well.

Objectives of the workshop:

1. Communication.
2. Hidden data in communication.
3. Team...Team...Team.
4. Presentation skills.
5. Adopting to corporate life.

Key highlights of first day’s session:

· Few interesting facts!

1. Any communication, (in person) invloves the contribution of words up to 7%, tone up to 38% and the remaining 55% is contributed by the body language. The above stats were derived from a study, carried out by the British researchers.
2. On an average, per day, nearly 44,000 thoughts run through the minds of an individual. Amazing isn't it?
3. On an average the normal speed of a speech, is 125-175 words/min, although the maximum speed, up to which the human brain, can correctly comprehend the words, is 400-500 words/min.

Good communication + clarity = Effective communication.

Murphy's law of communication:

1. Communiction usually fails, except by chance.
2. If there are many ways to understand any message, it will be understood in a way that will be most harmful.

A classical illustration of 2nd law of Murphy's Law of communication,

A king once sentenced a convict with a death sentence (hanged to death). Later it was discovered the convicted was innocent, and then the king sent a note, that said, "HANG HIM NOT LEAVE HIM". Now imagine, if the full stop in the above sentence after "HANG HIM", what a blunder it would have been. Isn’t it? That shows the significance of 2nd law of Murphy's on communication.

Body language and it's importance

Active listening skills:

1. Suspended judgment.
2. Feedback.
3. Classification.
4. Summarization.
5. Para phrasing.

PS: The day culminated in to a very resourceful one, in every aspect, coz I have really picked up very key points on enhancement of my soft skills.

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