Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Breaking the Ice...

Off late music is one thing that keeps me going. I am brutally bombarded with many things at a time. A lot of commitments seemed to have engulfed me. The latest being the e-utsav, our department fest. I am finding very little time to Blog, which is my ultimate passion. Of the little time I find, to spend with 'myself' retrospecting about things in my life, I try to relate myself to so many songs! (It ranges from Swades' 'Yuhi chala' to Bryan Adam's 'Summer of 69') I just keep humming these flicks and my mind suddenly feels elated, and I find myself rejuvenated to take on this whole world with full force all over again!!!

Yesterday was a very very memorable day, as I solved my first assignment (Sudoku Solver) given by MindTree under it's Gnanavrikhsa program. I was in to so many things that I found very little time to devote to this learning program. I finally was able to execute the code of Sudoku solver successfully! The :D moment was 1:55 am on 21 march,2007. I know its just the beginning, but still I could not resist registering this happy moment in my blog! It's just the perfect ice breaker for me (and probably for all my fellas here, who are in to MindTree).

10:00 am to 12:30 pm (CSE NT Lab -> BIET Digital library)

Today I tried to upload my assignment (along with V) in to the repository provided by the Ganavriksha's Server to each trainee. I faced a few problems with the CVS (Concurrent Versions System). I wasn't able to submit the assignment. I still haven't been able to submit it. I tried a lot all day, and finally posted my queries in the discussion forum. I am looking forward to get the reply from my mentors @ the earliest.

V also has finished with the Sudoku Solver assignment. He too is eager to submit the assignment! Both of us have our fingers crossed. U know it's damn frustrating to try a thing, and not get it all day long!

Coming back to the songs I have been listening to off late, I have been listening to this song from Ghajini (Hrudayam ekkadunnadi, Telugu version) and I dunno why, it's simply so mesmerizing. I just seem to love it! Boy, I have listened to it almost a gazillion times without getting bored. It just brings a wonderful smile over my face!!!

One more song that I love to listen to , over and over again is IT's My Life (Bon Jovi). It always reminds me of the way I dream to lead my life. It's the same song that inspired me to blog!

PS: I got a confirmation by the mentors while jotting this post, that a repository for the 'Davangere' region students has not yet been created on their server. I have been assured that the issue would be fixed latest by tonight. Hope to see my assignments submitted by tomorrow morning on Gnanavriskha site:)

~IT's My Life

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