Monday, December 18, 2006

Examination Blues!!!

Finally pulled some time off and managed to give my blog, a whole new look :) My previous template seemed to have flooded with 'too much content' or rather links. So just wanted to give my blog a bit more simple and easy to read look!!! It was always @ the back of my mind to switch over to a 3 column template, which i finally have done.

How cruel is this winter?

You gotta prepare for exams when ur mind just simply refuses to remain awake! With eyes drooping and body aching to death, u are forced to slog all thru the night. Thats a tough ask, when the winter has 'cold fired' from all quarters and nights are chilling exponentially!!!

Having said that I am haunted by the so called 'exam phobia' or rather 'exam-perfomo-phobia'; which often has brought the best out of me, I hope I extract the most out of it. Nights metamorphose in to the wee hours of the morning and u still remain firmly slouched in to ur study chair, with ur TBs.

Oh God F1 all of us!!!

My cellphone inbox daily gets ameliorated and @ times cluttered with all sorts of 'anti-vtu' msgs. But then I feel it's a sort of liberation one gets, a sense of expelling the built in 'energy', that one accumulates, over the period of study(?) holidays; by constantly forcing oneself in to the textboks.

Given the fact that many books come out of the shelves and drawers (a few from the book stalls), only during Nth minute of the examination, the above senario of night-outs, is not much of a surprise. What better can be a testimonial, than ur friend receiving ur call (after a single ring) even @ 3:00 AM.

The funniest thing being ppl, outta here run over to M's xerox shop, just in case to find out if he has got any new VTU book of any of the subject! The prescribed books for sure seemed to have failed to entice atleast 75% of my friends outta here. Well I can't really blame them for, its the time factor thats limiting them :)

Everyone is slogging and what am I doing?

Gotta push buddies!!!

"Please hold on OS... I will be @ ur service shortly!!!"

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