Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A perfect ditch! (Technically speaking...)

H and I literally spent the entire evening @ JC*, with a lot my friends (Both A1 and A2, along with 7 of my other classmates were there. We kept cracking some lovely gags!) Laughing (uncontrollably). A1 complained her cheeks were paining at the end! (I never knew that :) Boo!) Okies. I tell u ppl, it was an awesome time with two rounds of juice party sponsored by H, on his success at clearing 2 rounds of interviews @ Cypress Semiconductors today (he has got one more final round, to be held @ b'lore). All through out the 7th and 8th SEM, we've been mini-partying @ JC, for its succha bliss!!! Someone one has rightly said, laughing is good for health! We share a lot of gags and that makes JC, our favorite hide-out. (But believe me, a glass of grape juice, is what drives us crazy to assemble @ JC).

Okies. Now to the crux of the issue. After V1 and V2 left us, and boarded a bus back home, I and H went over to LG service centre in dvg. All the way, we laughed over the indigenous jokes, that K had cracked about color-krisna (more on this guy, in times to come!!!), exclusively for the local audience here in my college. Yes, K has the potential to become a stand-up comedian. We finally reached the LG service centre, only to find it closed. We got back to the bus-stand, to catch a bus back to harihar. It was around 7:45 p.m.

7:50 p.m. by my watch...

We boarded a bus to harihar. We travel on a student pass, and hence it’s legal to use it before 8 p.m. (Mind you, it's the time u board a bus from either harihar or davangere, i.e. the time of departure and not the time u reach the destination, which counts). Finally the conductor came over to us, and he demanded that we buy a ticket. Technically speaking, we had all rights to travel without buying a ticket, since the pass duration was still valid, as it wasn't 8 p.m. yet! But the guy kept insisting us to buy a ticket. H was adamant as well. He had all right to be so. He refused to buy a ticket, instead showed him the pass for cross checking. The guy (actually bloody guy, to be more specific!!) retained the pass with him, and refused to return it back to H. H argued with him that we were correct, and that he wouldn't buy any ticket. Well what was I doing? I was attending a call! The guy walked away with the pass!!! I said, 'Maga I got my next blog post!' (Now don't ask me, if I do such stuff, so that I can write about them here. It's usually the other way round).

Then we finally reached an intermediate stop (just before my place). The guy returned back to us, asking us to buy a ticket, coz it was 8 by then. Wow! That’s what u call manifesting the rules to ur advantage. I knew that guy pretty well. I meet him in the buses, on a regular basis. So when he asked me to buy a ticket, I said, 'Look I don't have any money!". I just flashed my bus pass. The guy actually issued a ticket from that place to harihar, and asked me to pay for it later!!! (Would u believe that. I knew him quite well. I felt he did it more out of the fact that he wanted to show that H, that he will have to pay dearly for not buying the ticket, than bcoz of the fact that he knew me well). The guy literally forced the ticket in to my hands. He walked away.

Now I handed over the ticket to H. It was for his safety, just in case, the guy raised any issues at the bus-stop in harihar, where H would claim back his bus pass. Soon I reached my place. The guy asked me to show my ticket, before I got down, just to ensure that I hadn't given it to H. I told him that I had given it to H. Now, I knew I had triggered off a potential clash!!!

Now the bus halted at my place for a good 5 min. With H reluctant to give back the ticket to me (that’s what the guy now demanded H to do), until he was handed back his pass!!! He he .... I laughed, and was all set to utter, " Good shot maga!!!'. But controlled. That’s was our way of technically tackling him! The hassle went on for a while and I got down at my place. Some outrageous passengers were all set to pounce on H, but here was our furious H, who wouldn't listen to anyone anymore. He looked so invincible. Good job buddy!!!I got down at my place. I heard the guy say, 'Hey, it’s not fair. U ditched me!!!' I was tempted to say, 'Go F urself', but kept quite!!!

I was sure H was right and so was I. Even if I knew the guy for quiet some time now, I feel he wasn't right this time. So when he insisted me to buy a ticket, I was in no mood to pay him. (I had enough money in my purse!) So the bus went on towards harihar. I was extremely happy for H. I had finally managed to ditch the bloody guy, and also ensured that H was legally traveling to harihar with a ticket.

We had taught him a lesson. Tit-For-Tat!!!

PS: H had messaged me, that he finally got back his pass. Kudos!!! Now I know that I might have ditched the guy, in spite of his 'so-called-faith' in me. But folks, I feel I did it simply bcoz, I wanted to help H to ensure that he could back himself up, by showing a ticket, in case the people at the bus stand in harihar, ask him to produce one. All in all it was a lesson well taught and the guy will remember both of us for a long long time!!!

JC*: A hot fav hide-out of all BIETians, opposite LH.

~IT's My Life

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