Sunday, July 08, 2007

4 year series khatam!!!

I was eagerly waiting for the 'official verdict', before I could jollify (Nothing nasty though!!). The :D moment finally arrived, and it's official now. The 8th semester results were officially out today, and I managed to pull off a decent score. I have successfully survived through all the hardships for 4 years. Phew!! It feels really great at this point of time. Mere paas is khushi ko bayaan karne ke liye shabdh nahi mil rahe he. Technically speaking, I can call myself an ENGINEER now. It is surely going to take some time, for me to successfully digest this whole new feeling.

PS: The time has finally arrived... I need to update the 'About Me' section of my blog. I Will certainly find something appropriate and fill it. I really have got no clue as to what’s it going to be? As of now, I'm on cloud no 9!!!

~IT's My Life

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