Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

I have missed my blog pretty badly for quite some time now. I wanted to post on so many issues, but couldn't do it. I was out of station for about 15 days. This post is really very special to me. I have successfully completed 1 year in the blogosphere. Happy Birthday to my blog... Cheers!!!

Blogger has provided me with an ideal platform to talk about those ideas, thoughts and feelings, which weren't courageous enough to face this world. I have been able to communicate with people, with much more transparency than I could have ever done in person. Blogging has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I have rediscovered myself. I can jot about anything and everything under this sun on my blog!! I want to voice all those stupidest ideas that keep bubbling in my mind (truly short-lived in nature, like the bubbles of water) with full audacity. I don't care, if I am gonna be labeled 'stupid'. All those weird posts on this blog must be credited to my crazy dimag!! I owe a lot all those ‘wicked ideas’ that run through my mind on a regular basis. I wonder at what angle are they incident, coz they always manage to undergo Total Internal Reflection (TIR) and escape out of my mind. It’s hard to verbalize all of them as they are extremely volatile in nature.

Before I conclude, I would like to share a fact with all my blogger friends. I am using a dialup connection to blog. This is the last thing that any blog fanatic would crave for. I have been victimized by this earth-wormish paced internet access from my home. Believe me; you can literally lunch, by the time a webpage opens in my home. I’m planning to switch over to a broad band connection. Please bear with me, if I happen to take more time to respond to any of the comments on my blog.

PS: I really have tons to share with you people. I will post them shortly. Oh almighty, give me the strength to think more crazily and unconventionally, so that I can blog more about them... Height of blogging addiction and selfishness, I guess... Lol...

~IT's My Life

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