Sunday, February 24, 2008

My new found stress buster!

IT industry is one such industry where the life styles of people are mostly sedentary. We spend a large chunk of our time in front of computers solving problems (and in due course creating a few for ourselves...) of our clients. This definitely causes a lot of mental and a bit of physical stress as well.

I decided to figure out a new stress buster which could not only rejuvinate me but also become a part and parcel of my lifestyle, for the rest of my life. I spoke with a couple of my friends who have a regular routine of jogging. In the begining I felt that jogging and stuff like that aren't my cup of tea. I was simply relcutant (read it as plain laziness) to get up early everyday!

But you never know where you pick up that piece of inspiration from. I fortunately picked it up one from a good friend of mine.That's when I decided to register myself at a gym close to my place. Trust me... Since then it has been an absolute fun working out 6 days a week, early in the morning! I just take one day off from my workout schedule for the simple reason that the gym is closed on sundays!! Working out gives me that much needed freshness and I remain active throughout the day. I discovered a great change in my energy levels as well.

I think it's high time we peep in to our life styles and do a bit of reality check to ensure that we give our body, the much needed physical activity. It could be anything ranging from yoga to a salsa class. It could even be an outdoor game like badminton or cricket. But do ensure that you find a way to de-stress yourself. Having said that I would surely recommend you to have variety in your workouts, just to break that unavoidable monotony!

My experience till now has been pretty good and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I hope I continue to remain hooked on to it.

Why don't you give it a try? Try breaking that inertia of yours. I am sure life definitely will start to look more beautiful!

~IT's My Life

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