Saturday, July 12, 2008

Terror Zameen Par!

The title of this post is in no way an insult to the wonderful movie we got to see a few months back. It is actually the review of another movie called 'Aamir'. I am not sure how many of you even got to hear about this movie. If I am not wrong, rediff had rated it 4 stars. So I was looking forward to watch this movie at the earliest. I managed to watch this movie last night.

If you have already clicked the link I provided above, you would be aware of its plot. If not, here is the story line for you. It is a thriller that keeps you on the edges of your seats. It revolves around a character called
Aamir Ali (played by Rajeev Khandelwal) who returns from London to join his family in Mumbai. You start to get a hint of the movie's theme right from the scene at the airport where his baggages are checked thrice, even though they are cleared each time. The reason being his name is Aamir not Amar! After a rather humiliating clearance from the airport authorities, he tries to contact his family, only to find them unreachable. In the meanwhile, he is handed over a mobile phone by a pair of stranger motorists. While he is still digesting the shock of not being able to reach his family, he gets a call from the so called apni-kaum-ki-bhalayi-ke-baare-main-sochnewala guy. He threatens Aamir to follow his instructions chup-chaap else he would have to lose his family.

The rest of the movie is all about Aamir being directed periodically of what he is supposed to accomplish so that his family is set free. The best part of this movie is that it touches up on so many issues that go unnoticed whenever media serves us with a 'sensational news'. Aamir is great in also the sense that it hits the nail on its head, rather than making frivolous attempts to hype the underworld and their nuances. You get to see the reality (in great detail) behind a planned bomb blast. You get to see the trauma of a man battling hard to break the shackles of a negative image that the society has 'bestowed' on his community for no fault of his. You also get to see how some people in that community try to hijack the thought process of innocent people like Aamir Ali.

Hats off to
debutant director Raj Kumar Gupta for being so elucidative in his narration. The background scores literally make you feel as though you were walking through the same stinking pathli-gallis and brooking the pain as much as Aamir does in this movie. In short you get to the see mumbai in great originality.

What happened to Aamir? Did he accomplish the job? Does he get to see his family? Do those anti-social elements succeed in their mission?

Since my post isn't supposed to be a spoiler, I would highly recommend you guys to go watch this movie and figure out the answer for yourself.

~IT's My Life

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