Friday, November 03, 2006

Being a last bencher and more...

It was one of my final year resolutions... I have finally moved back, not in time, but in space!

Given the initial condition that I am a very lethargic guy, something that I have imbibed congenitally. I am true licensed version!

I remember how I used to enjoy being in those 'almost last benches' of the class, where I could easily have slipped in to a lofty nap, amidst the most 'interesting classes' (I wonder if there were any???), unperturbed. I used to drowse off in the classes without even the slightest clue to the lecturers, that I was enjoying the state of mental dormancy!

Well my engineering life began, with me literally getting 'adhered' solidly like a feviquick, to the first few benches of my class room. Amidst the whole rat race of 'image building' process in engineering, thyself seemed to have forgotten its true identity, one of a true lethargic creature! Yes I have been slogging quite relentlessly all these 3 years and need to do it in the finally year as well... I had all the plans to prolong and reproduce my prolific track record here @ engineering as well. But as fate would have decided it, all my 'Best Laid Plans' seemed to have flopped!

I had been literally categorized, biologically as Homo-Sapien-De-Nocturnale. (A nocturnal creature, often mistakenly addressed as human being!). If not for the whole campus fiasco, I wonder if would ever have managed to pull myself, out of this vicious circle. I am finally done with it. I have moved back!!!

Well those were only trivial reasons to substantiate my resolution. But when I digged more on that, I found out why my mind seemed so desperate to move back. I must bring it to the notice of the reader that, I am someone who has been totally morphed to suite to the needs of a perfect slogger, a basic requisite if your plan to be a success-full engineering (student?). So all these days, I had been literally slogging, even if I hated to do it. Ooops! But now my mind seems to have saturated a bit, and is desperately trying to engage in to doing 'different things'. Well nothing hazardous though, it’s just, that I am responding to my most innate instincts.

Now to the crux of the issue. Howz it to be like @ the last benches of a classroom?

At the outset, it’s just a heaven! But lemme tell you what, I have also found new ways to 'listen' (to what???) in the class, amidst the highest noise levels! I have also found a better place, from where I could ward off some really boring classes like CIP (Constitution of India and Professional Ethics. Man it sucks!). A gud time to fiddle with my mobile!!!

Given that, I am only 83 days old residing at the last benches in my engineering career. But I have undergone a 'rich' experience, which has changed my perception of an ideal classroom, something that I carried with me all these 3 years sitting with V1. My engineering career was carefully incubated (credits to my profis and V1) in the first benches for the past 3 years. I have finally decided that I had enough of it and I wanted to redeem my 'Last Bencher' title!

Now pretty seriously, why did I move back? I wanna check...

1. Is performance in exams = Spatial position of a student in the class?

2. Are last benchers really that notorious and prankish, as they often looked up on as?

3. I wanna really get a bird's eye view of my class, when the class is on. I am quite jealous of my friends, who boast of enjoying it.

I am almost half way down in this controversial venture. (V1 and V2 are upset about my decision. I must say that they are a bit over paranoiac!)

So far so gud :) I am enjoying my stay in my new niche. I am proud to be a last bencher! A whole new 'League' of Last Benchers has grandly endorsed me... Looking forward to having some good time outta there...

Well I am pretty conscious of my decision and I have contemplated over it quite profoundly.

PS: I had mentioned about me going mobile shortly. I have finally gone mobile. I really have got tons to write about my mobile musings. I will post them shortly. I would present before you my detailed analysis on a new emerging research topic, 'Mobile Message Redundancy' or MMR :). Oooops! One more message, is it an MMR?

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