Sunday, October 29, 2006


In Spain they call him Mr Formula 1. It is an appropriate name as Michael Schumacher has dominated the sport in a manner not seen since Juan Manuel Fangio.

: Michael Schumacher
Nick name: Schumi, The Kaiser, Mr F1, The Red Baron, Rain Master/Rain King
Born: 03-01-1969
Birth place: Huerth-Hermuehlheim, Germany
Nationality: German
Debut: Spa, Belgium

I am not an F1 geek!

But thats Schumi, who makes even the remotely interested people in F1, a die hard fan of F1!

I happened to read an article, in a daily about this legendary F1 maestro. It was not just like any other article that quoted stats and merely 'testified' his caliber, but was about the man whom we know very little about. The article clearly elucidated and proved beyond doubt, why schumi is the greatest of the great.

His professional career is for sure exemplary, but what makes schumi close to every one, is his 'Larger Than Life' gestures in personal life as well. He stands out as a role model to millions of his fans, with his 'clean personal life', something that one hardly gets to see in most of the so called celebraties.

Schumi's way to top wasn't a cake walk. For someone who came from a realtively poor family, schumi had an innate talent, driving on kart tracks (at the age of 4), which continued later on, on the F1 tracks as well. Schumi's 'Never Say Die' attitude is what has led him to scale great altitudes, which to many F1 aspirants is only a fantasy.

Schumi is also best acknowledged for developing very unique strategies in F1. Be it his fastest laps or his grip to drive with the same exuberance on even rain drenched tracks or his most popular 'pitstop' strategy (with Ras brown, strategist) tie-ups, schumi has always stood out of the herd to elvolve out victorious in even the most remotely favourable conditions.

Its surely a mockery of this great talent, that luck seemed to be so hard on schumi. He lost out in his last 2 Grand prix championships, largely because of technical flaws.

After the Brazilian Grand Prix, Schumi quoted, "Today my racing career comes to an end,". "Obviously, it is a special moment for me, and I am proud to have lived my career with some fantastic people, namely everyone who is part of the Ferrari family."

Schumacher, 37, retires after a prolific 16 years in Formula One with most of the driver records, including 91 victories and 68 pole positions.

A few from the media fraternity were probably harsh on Schumi, who wote articles about him titled "Farewell Schumi, to the Flawed Genius", (utterly insane and a derogatory remark!) .

Kudos Schumi! The whole world misses your brilliance and so do the F1 tracks. Its hard to imagine F1 without Schumi.

PS: No matter if Alonso managed to pull off a brilliant victory @ The Brazilian Grand Prix on 22nd Oct 2006. But the same race unarguably gave the whole world a sure testimonial of schumi's caliber! I am sure his performance till date clearly seperates the Great from the Good!
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