Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Friends proposed and ...

Hadn't had the oppurtunity to blog for a few days (Well not too much really, only 4 days!). A lot of things have happened outta here @ my college.

To begin with, the computer science forum, in collaboration with Red cross (Youth wing) had organized a blood donation camp, on 14th Oct, 2006. It was a huge success. A total of 138 volunteers, donated their blood. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to volunteer it, as a donor.

We also had the slections for various events, the winners of which would be represting the college team,@ 8th VTU Uth Fest, to be held @ Nitte college of engineering, Mangalore. The Fest wud start from 8th, Nov, 2006. I also had participated in 2 events, Debate & Quiz . Well I am not worried about debate, what really is 'bothering' me is, if in case I make it through in quiz, (I must confess that I am not so gud @ it) I would have to do something what Munna does in Lage Raho... (Visit library and start read quiz books!). Boy! the 'worst thing' about Quiz was, there were many questions about movies and music, (English, I am okies with it :D) and I have managed to answer them well.

Did I say quiz? Well wait, I got one more thing to share with you. Today there was a quiz event organized by ISTE. I attended the quiz prelims along side 149 other teams. I was teamed with my friend 'Sa*****.M' (I need to be very spec here...). Well, we never really thought that we would make it to the nxt round, along with 19 other teams! (I dunno why were so confident about, rather why Sa*****.M was?). The results were out by 4:15 P.M. and guess what? We had qualified and Sa*****.M was missing from the campus! To make things worse I was not supposed to change my partners. Phew!

Well, V came up with this jack pot idea, as he often does. We manged to call our friend Su*****.M. The fact the we got more than one S******. M, here in my class, really helped me a lot. Well, the next thing we did was to somehow convince the organizers that he is the actual 'Sa*****. M'. (They had not seen the real S). We finally finished with the 2nd round, 'fortunately' this time there was no way, we would qualify! Thank god u saved me!

Well before u plan to charge me of playing 'cheap tricks' I employed to attend the 2nd round of the quiz, lemme tell you, after looking @ the paper, We were supremely confident that we wouldn't make it to the next round! So guys, fortunately, I haven't caused any potential trouble to anyone!

PS: Enough of this frivolous stuff! I am currently in search of a project (a substantial one) for my final year. My search (Google) is on. Hope I would find some good project!

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