Sunday, October 08, 2006

Me, myself and my sick monitor!

The last three days have been quite eventful. A lot seems to have happened outta here.

My monitor has been bugging me a lot. There seems to be some problem with it. I better fix it, before it gets too late. It simply doesn't 'listen' to me, unless it takes a bit of a hammering from my side. Red alert!

I also watched the movie Davinci Code. I hadn't had the oppurtunity to read the book, so wasn't biased or pre-conceived. I enjoyed the performance of Tom Hanks (The Oscar boy!). Must confess that the movie for sure will get u watching it over and over again. (Probably because of ir's uncanny storyline, if u happen to watch it without reading the book, DC).

As I had mentioned in my previous post, regarding dedicating a new blog for bringing the insanities of orkut to limelight, we have opened this blog: orkut insanity. It's a team blog, run by 3 of us ZOD, Bee and myself. Hope we will bring everything under the sun, about orkut to limelight. Feel free to contribute to it.

We had been expecting our 6th SEM results, pretty anxiously. Finally the mystery unfolded on Friday afternoon. I must confess that luck seems to have for sure leaned towards me. (Sorry Harry, I have picked ur orkut status lines!). Luckily, I managed to pull off a decent score.

After that blog entry on 'Deciphering orkut scraps', my friends, who have read that article on my blog, seem to have become very conscious of their entries in to my scrap book. I have not received any such 'Decipherable scraps' off late. Folks, the article was written for the sole purpose of providing some phun and nuthing else! So feel free to stick to your normal orkuttian literature.

PS: I happened to visit this site called Resolve Query. I recommend all of you, to go out there as well and pay a visit. Quite a resourceful site indeed. Thnx to the site owner and it's contributors.

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