Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is my cell phone Hydrophilic?

I haven't been able to pen down anything substantial for the past 10 days or so. Arey kuch khaas nahi hai yaar. Pichle mahine ki telephone bill kuch zyada aaya to maine socha toda blogging kam karte hain... I haven't done anything constructive in these 10 days, apart from watching some real good movies...

Okies... enough of this blah blah... This post is all about my cell phone saga. It has been a real daunting experience with my cell phone. I am sure you will agree with me as u finish reading this post. Read on...

All this dates back to my visit to Nitte, for the VTU Uth Fest (9th Nov 2006). After the events on the 2nd day were over, we went to the kapu beach, near Nitte. All of us had some awesome time getting to the top of the light house over there. We then came down to take a nice little dip in to the sea and enjoy the site of a beautiful sunset. The excitement was so much that I almost forgot that I still carried my cell phone in the pocket. I got in to the sea along side many of my friends, and that’s when this whole episode began.

We made a nice little hurdle, and enjoyed the spattering sound of rhythmic sea waves kissing us at short intervals. Amidst all this masti, my cell phone also took a holy dip in to the Arabian Sea. With the sun taking leave off the horizon, my cell phone also took leave of its duties. Yep! My cell phone was damaged to the core! Damn it. Its bloody saline water folks! It will corrode the whole board if left unattended. To add to all this, was the incident that shifted the centre of gravity and every one’s attention away from my cell. Our cultural secretary was stung badly by a star fish (I don’t really know if it true).The sting was so bad that he was rendered unconscious. He was hurried to a local clinic. The moments of tension soon came to an end, when we were told that it was just a trivial issue, and he would recover soon. But my mind was still deluged with zillion doubts about the fate of my cell phone. It seemed as though I would have to lose my 'darling' once and for all... Two days in succession, my cell phone was left gasping for some serious ‘medication’, or in clear terms... it demanded some real good servicing.

I returned from Nitte after 2 days and the first thing on my to-do-list, was to get my cell phone repaired. I knew that I couldn't claim the service for free from Nokia care, bcoz I was pretty much aware of this particular clause in the user guide that came along with my handset. One such situation when the manufacturer's limited warranty coverage is void is, "If the product has been exposed to moisture, to dampness or to extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to rapid changes in such conditions, to corrosion, to oxidation, to spillage of food or liquid or influence from chemical products". So here I was, with a cell phone that truly was exposed to all such possible damaging environments, and which fully met the 'requirements' that could very well render a guarantee void!!!

It was then that I decided to turn to a service guy, who wasn't from Nokia care!!! I did get my cell repaired after 15 days of hassling! Thankfully it was working :) But the display was still flickering... The guy who got my cell repaired told me that, I should consider myself lucky if that display ever got stable. He asked me to use my cell phone as frequently as I could, so that the chances of my display getting stable increased. God knows, what the underlying theory behind it was? All I cared was about my cell getting back to normalcy! I followed his piece of advice and used my cell phone as frequently as I could.

I got serendipitous, when one fine morning I got up to find that my cell phone’s display had miraculously got stable. It was simply a spectacular sight to see it working the same way as before. Hurray!! I jumped all over the place and shared this happy news with all my friends. The guy’s theory had finally paid off!!

Lagta hai ki saaala maine kuch zyada hi masti karli!!! My cell is back to its early days after servicing. Its display is flickering again. After 4 months of faithful service after recovery, its fallen sick again. Damn it!!! It's so annoying to have your cell phone's display, play hide and seek with you. A few days back the entire display went off with everything else working fine. Now that isn't any fun u know. I used to get message alerts and all I could do was just try switching no/off my cell phone continuously, with an anticipation that it might show something remotely visible! My levels of frustration were at its zenith. I was being driven nuts! All I could do was to place or receive calls. I would have to attend a call without knowing who the caller was until I spoke to him/her. What was more agonizing, were some calls from Hutch's customer care (automated) that spoke about some promotional offers! You know, I used to get these calls in the middle of a class. When I used to receive them, all I could hear was some fucking female voice that would blabber some shit!!!

Having been traumatized by this whole episode, I was forced to talk to the same guy who had serviced my cell phone earlier. He had a good look at my cell phone and after a little ‘surgery’, told me that the cell phone had a problem with the charging line. It was trivial and could be fixed. He also gave me some free advice to sell my cell phone, once I get this problem fixed! Now his words of advice made me think a lot. I am wondering if it s time for me to get rid of my cell. The amount that he offered to buy that cell from me was quite reasonable. I am in utter dilemma, bcoz this whole flickering display stuff is taking a toll of my patience. I wanna get it fixed at the earliest, and also if possible wanna sell my cell phone off to him. To summarize my current state in one word, I am discombobulated!!! Somebody help me…

I forgot to jot down another incident when my cell phone was exposed to a few droplets of water in the bathroom! Hmmm…Thank god, the water wasn’t saline and neither was it too much in content to render my cell phone sick! I fixed the issue by exposing my ‘dissected’ cell phone to sunlight. I dunno if it seriously lacked a bit of Vitamin D. It somehow managed to get back in to action!!!

PS: I dunno if it’s some kinda senti stuff. I am very much attached to my cell phone. It's been my darling all these days (both good and bad). After 2 such episodes where it displayed strong affinity to water, I was just kinda wondering, is my cell phone really hydrophilic?

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