Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Disabusing myths!

Mood: One of serious retrospection!

I was in utter dilemma whether or not to jot this down. But I have decided to write about it. I happened to take up IBM (E&TS) as my dream offer, in the recent campus recruitment drives. We were being recruited for the post of R&D engineer. We took the written test in KIT College, Belgaum, on 18th Sept, 2006. It had 3 sections, 1st section was aptitude (1hr), 2nd section was a software test (15min) and 3rd section was a hardware test (30 min).

I screwed up my chances of getting placed in IBM. The shortlist they announced, crashed all my chances of becoming an IBMer, as they call themselves. Yes! I failed to get through the written test.

All was okies, until today morning, but as the day progressed, my mind seemed to have been deluged with a plethora of retrospective questions. Well if u are wondering what’s so special about it? Let me tell u, what has left me disappointed or rather put me in to some thinking, is the way I lost it. I must confess here that I had taken the test very lightly. The first of the series of blunders I committed.I knew I had lost it right from the time I subimtted the papers back after the tests. As the results were out, I hardly had sensed any sort of disappointment, coz my preparations were simply not up to the standards.

Today I met 3 of my friends, who managed to make it to the very end in IBM. Lemme make my self very clear, I am not 'disappointed', but what is haunting me, are the issues that I discussed with 2 of my friends, Vivek and Vinay. The discussion was something like this…

11:45 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. (Vivek's room):

We saw Vivek reading the OS textbook, something that we have never seen him do, at least not when the internals are not around. Some of the things that we discussed outta there...

Me: "Guys, I think my engineering life has gone off track and I feel myself totally lost and left clueless as to what I did all these 6 semesters during my stay here @ BIET. I mean we have been in to Electronics and Communication, and we hardly have got any proficiency in even a single subject. I am not able to name even a single subject in which I can claim to have an in depth knowledge." I continued, "Guys, I feel I should have spent more time in gaining an in-depth knowledge on atleast a few of my subjects. I think I spent most of my time in doing 'frivolous things', probably something more than I should have done. I have decided that I will not do it from now on. My IBM 'failure' has, for sure awakened me to reality. I think I have gotten in to the habit of awakening after a setback."

Vivek: A bit disgusted (with himself) and slightly disappointed said, "I agree with u guys. I think we have done too much, probably more than we ever could have done. I think I need to take a break. I feel, I have almost lost that yarn to learn, I wasn't this way when I joined engineering. It's not that I don't have the potential; it's only that I haven't been able to spend ample time on my academics. (Guys lemme tell u, Vivek plays a similar role in our documentary "Woh college ke din", which has got exactly the same shades). I have decided that I would spend some real slice of my precious time concentrating on my academics, so that I do gain some knowledge in atleast few of my subjects."

Vinay: Some one who always thinks very pragmatically, said, "I think we haven’t lost anything yet. Guys, atleast all 3 of us have got job offers. What if we have lost in IBM? Just think of those who still haven't made it in to any company. Now coming to the point that we spent a lot of time doing 'frivolous things', lemme tell you, none of us, fortunately have got our academics screwed up! I think what we lack, is just the right orientation. I think we just need to reduce devoting our time towards extra curricular activities and concentrate more on academics. Let's not forget, that we have gained a lot from 'them' as well. We have learnt how to work in teams; we have gained a lot of insight on organizational skills and many more. Let's try to focus more on academics. Don't worry guys, all will be okies."

I felt somewhat convinced. The mental storm seems to have settled down and things are becoming clearer. But I have decided for sure that I would spend some ample time of my final year in grooming my skills to equip myself to meet my company’s requirements. My failure @ IBM test has really gotten me in to some serious retrospection. I have, for sure picked up a lesson or two. Thnx to it!

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