Thursday, September 07, 2006

Woh college ke din...

This happens to be the proposed title of a documentary, we students of 7th sem, E&C, are shooting currrently. Off late, life outta here has really gotten hectic, I am not able to jot down even a single alphabet. My 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. schedule, suddenly seems to be dragging mercilessly in to the wee hours of the morning. Just to add 'flavour' to my already hectic schedule here, are my assignments. Crap! I am forced in to a nocturnal schedule, even after a ruthless schedule during day time. I am really compelled to ask this, "sleep... where are thou?". I dunno how I would be able to manage with all of them.

The list just doesn't end there. We need to find a good project for my final year. I have suddenly begun to find myself hopelessly trapped in a vicious circle, unable to find a way out! I some times wish, why a day didn't have more than 24hrs?

Now back to the documentary issue. It's titled "Woh college ke Din ...". It basically revolves around 3 characters, viz Subramanya shastri (subbu), Vishwas (vishu), and siddharth (Sid). They basically symbolize 3 genres of ppl, one often finds in engineering colleges.

Subbu portrays a character, who firmly believes that acquiring a mere sound technical knowledge alone, would ensure him a place in any company. He is some one who hardly bothers to develop soft skills, something that has become indispensible off late..

Vishu portrays a character, who is dead opposite in ideologies to what subbu stands for. He believes that marks in no way depict the real caliber of a student. As a resul he takes his academics very lightly.

Sid, a guy, who is very jovial and bindaas type of guy! He hardly has got any plans for his future. He is a firm believer of the concept that engineering life is purely for enjoyment and is somehow hell bent on not to let go this "GOLDEN" chance begging!

The documentary, elicits how the three of them change their attitudes and succeeded to achieve what they aspired for, inspite of several hiccups!

As quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." A message, which I am sure will inspire every one in general, to develop a never say die attitude!

PS: Thnx to this wonderful article, I got to read. It's brought a bit of relief to me. Gone are those' glorious' days (my holidays), when I 'hibernated' for long hours unperturbed on fairly a regular basis. While I jot this one down in my blog, my un-attended assignments (OS and VLSI) peek out of my shelf and smirk at me. Surely not a good sign. I need to go!

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