Friday, September 15, 2006

Trip ke side effects!

I had been on a trip to jog falls and Signdanur, on 10th Sept. Due to technical glitches, I couldn't got these snaps earlier. Nevertheless, I have uploaded a few pics of the trip. Enjoy!.

Somewhere @ 7:00 A.M.

Our 'swades' team on it's way to sigandanur....

A dare devil!

Smile pleeg! From L: Myself, Malli, Rajendra and sharana

I had been wondering from where the water comes from, in Jog falls. Here you are!

A rainbow 900 feet below!

A view of Jog falls from IB

PS: We just successfully completed an event called 'Virtual Recruitronics', a complete simulation of campus recruitment process. While coming bck, I just got these pics from my friend's comp. I must confess, the trip's side effects are still lingerining and you can spot it easily. I am really enervated.

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