Saturday, September 30, 2006

Breeding fragility...

Internals have left no efforts in bugging me throughout this week. I have been mercilessly deprived of the much needed sleep. Finally I have got a break (till 2nd Oct), which gives me some time off this ruthless slogging. I am back outta here before my 15" LG monitor, all set to rejuvenate my extremely enervated neural cells (courtesy: Internals). I am back in to what I am really passionate about, blogging!

This week has been quite an 'eventful' week. The first day of this week beginning with a strike in protest against the delay in announcement of the results by VTU. There was quite a bit of a row on the whole issue, but things seemed to have settled down after the university finally managed to announce the results.

The week not only got me in to some real slogging, but also has left me emotionally jeopardized. My mind has sort of been deluged with a lot subtle queries. I have failed pathetically in answering those queries, (Nope, even Google failed to get me the required answers!). I have been battling it all the way, and it just simply seems to exacerbate the complexities of my life outta here. I badly need to find some convincing answers.

Now getting back to the crux of the whole issue. I have been haunted by this whole concept of 'Winner - Loser' labelling. What comes along with it, quite cumulatively, is the whole "Breeding fragility' stuff. A few incidents I have witnessed off late, have made me to contemplate really hard on this. I am left with a perplexed question, "Who amongst the two labelled entities (Winner or Loser) is the strongest? Are the people whom we admiringly call up on as the so called 'Winners', really strong enough? I have seen it very closely, when one encounters success in a row, 9/10 times it makes him/her vulnerable to becoming more and more fragile, and hence forth lose the even the slightest power of resilience to evolve out victorious, from any of the failures in life.

I might be sounding outrageously cynical here, but let's face it folks! In light of intense competition these days, one just gets mercilessly crushed, if he/she happens to be victimized by this plague of repetitive failures. No matter how successfull you might have been in the past, the world aks for a testimonial from you every time. These days a new trend has emerged, the trend of brain washing from teenagers or youth that 'Losing' is a 'shame'. While the obviousness truth is failure is always an integral part of a competition. When they graduate to adulthood and they tend to carry these very misconceptions and their mindset gets tweaked to a state of a "win win" state and they hardly prepare themselves for an unforeseen failure. When failure actually strikes, we stand hopelessly in an utter state of submissiveness, begging it to let go of us. We need to change this abnoxious attitude. The biggest challengee in life often shakes the very roots of your potentiality and you are mercilessly asked to prove yourself again. I guess this is the norm.

One cannot completely blame the so called 'values', one imbibes from his surroundings. A lot also matters on how one learns from his/her own experience, to accept failures in life with the same grace as any other success. With my personal experience I could tell that the very first time you encounter a setback, it’s really hard to digest it. Its very difficult to overcome the state of 'INERTIA', a state of continuous success. But as one gets to see they gray shades of life, one starts to grow really strong. Fortunate are those who have developed this capacity to take both the results with the same sportive attitude. I sometimes feel that one needs to lose a few times, before really getting an oppurtunity to relish success. Failures, as I said make you stronger. The more you 'run away' from failure, the more are the chances, that you will be prone to breed fragility.

Are you subtly breeding mental fragility? Just make sure...

PS: I happened to share my setback @ IBM with my friend, he sort of 'consoled' me saying, "Suresh, you have been enjoying success till date, now enjoy failure." Now that’s what has left me utterly puzzled! I am left wondering what made him say that and how do I 'enjoy' a failure?

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