Thursday, July 13, 2006

Art of Making Enemies !!!

Well i am not here in to starting a tutorial on the above. This was something i read a few days back. It really fascinated me, and put me in to some serious thinking. I wondered if anybody could have ever made an attempt to write something like this.

The book was actually published in 1890 !!!! now thats quite a long time u know. The article i read mentioned that the original author's name was not published, but if we go by the words of publisher, the author who penned down such a work was whisler, I guess even before the book was published the author had managed to make good number of enemies (including the publisher)

The book titled "The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies", could be found at Blossoms, church street, Bangalore.. (080-25320400) (as per the article).. so if u happen to give a visit try this one..

Also u could read, "How to win friends and influence people", by Dale Carnegie

Last Punch: In todays world of cut-throat competition u always have enemies around you, so u don't need to make any "special efforts".

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