Monday, July 24, 2006

"... Ki aag hai mujh main kahi ... ???"

I am sure it reminds u of the lines of the famous number from RDB. Its been lingering at the back of my mind for quite a long time now, ever since i saw the movie. It has always been a million dollar question to me? "Do we have the spirit in us to protest injustice?". Every time I try to reassure myself that we've got it in us, I am left confounded with innumerable incidents around us providing me with testimonials to prove time and again that any such act of protests have either been ephemeral or lacked that force or so called "Never say die attitude".

Issue 1:

TERRORISM a menace to humanity !!!!

A very recent testimonial was the mumbai blasts (taken a toll of nearly 200+) , blasts in srinagar and its aftermath. No matter how much our PM tried to assure the nation that we r not going to succumb under pressure and will not get destabalized by their attacks, and the biggest blunder, a statement from him like , "I appreciate the spirit of mumbaiians, good to c mumbai back on track so soon".

What nonsense !!! I am not convinced. Sorry to say this, I am utterly dissapointed to say that it sounds nothing more than an act of cowardice. A sheer display of impotence !!! (sorry if am sounding very harsh and obsene). Let me make myself very clear,I really appreciate the jazba of the people of mumbai, thats what rocks mumbai.

The attacks have left us with a bitter aroma of being in captivity and engulfed us with an unspoken culture of sounding unperturbed even at times of utter atrocitites.

I say this bcoz it forces me to look at this whole issue with a new dimension.

* Does it mean that we indians in general and (mumbaiians in particular) have got so thick skinned that we really don't care for those precious innocent lives of our fellow indians???

* Don't we have the potential to revert back and smoke the terrorists out of their caves ???

Come on, u can't preach peace to those terrorists, who r not governed by any rule or law. who don't see race or religion nor any country.Their sole purpose is to force acts of brutality on humanity and to ensure the sheer debacle of peace and propserity of the whole world. But thats not whats irking me, whats bugging me from within is why do we always tend to react to it this way!!! How long do we need to put up with this ugly nuisance called "Terrorism". I mean we, over the years have been very calm, patient and peace loving nation. Its high time that we realize that mere condemning the act as a massacre, would send a wrong message across the border to the terrorsists, who have mistaken us to be naive and docile.

No country in this world would have reacted so lethargically and "casually" to this burning issue of terrorism. An attack of on WTC , 7/11 can force a war on Taliban and alqaeda by US (ofcourse it has got its own implications and sublte connotations).

An attack in Central London where 4 suicide bombers on 7th July, killed 52 people and injured more than 770,can escalate and intensify the attacks on terrorism.

The Russian hostage crisis, where president Vladimir Putin denounced the massacre as "an attack on our country."(323 hostages, including 156 children, died in the siege ). Russians didn't hesitate to show the terrorists their destiny for such acts of brutality. They deserve no mercy.

Forget about these giants.. take example of Israel, a small country in middle east (can't say this interms of its military strengths), a threat by lebanon to capture just 2 of its soldiers could force a war.I mean its bcoz Israel doesn't put up with terrorism, it doesn't show any sort lineance. What really is noteworthy is that its power and determination to fight terrorism and injustice.

Issue 2:

The Jessica Lal murder case, priyadarshini motto and thousands of many such cases where justice still is an awaited reality !!! We people sort of have got akin to all these, so a delay in justice, (infact a denial) bcoz there is an adage, "Justice delayed is justice denied", would hardly make a difference in our lives. I apreciate an off-late atempt by a few young ppl to come out with these protests ... as i said in the begining they got to be incessant, atleast till the accused are brought to justice and any such attempts shouldn't sound ephemeral.

These were just to quote a few... We got several such issues where we have turned a blind eye towards the isssue or shown very little interest to protest or fasely tried to look resilient.

If countires like the US, Britain, Russia can deal with terror sevearly, why can't INDIA do it.. I am sure we don't lack the ability... Then why do we have to bare with this??? Here I am confronted with the question, "Is there enough driving force in us to incessantly fight against it or any such injustice".The answer to these, still an awaited reality.

Last punch: It reminds me of Atalji's quote after watching the movie RDB, ".. Ki aag hai mujh main kahi.." do we... ???

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