Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do you say No ???

Hi friends before u get in to reading this blog, ask urself the same question??? did u answer "NO", well may be u managed to say a "NO" at the wrong time. If u happened to answer it in affirmative, I am sure u would agree with me on several intances i have quoted below where its required to say a "NO".

Well i have been thinking abt this for quiet some time now ... how often do we manage to say, this word "NO".To all those people out there who insist on being "postive", i would make it pretty clear that by the end of this blog u would agree with me on this, "Ah this word NO after all is not that negative..."

Well enough of this prelude let me come to the point, as i said it gets pretty necessary at times to use this word "NO". Here are certain occasions where a flat "NO" would be a gud choice rather than saying u know, "Its ok but.... bla bla..".

1. Imagine that ur best friend asks u to join him for a movie late in the evening, but ur comminted to ur gf (guys ofcourse) on a date, now that puts u in a fix.Shud i go to the movie or shud i be with my gf on a date ???

>> Well guys the best thing to do is before u get commited to anything or anybody c if u can deliver the expected.. else say a flat "NO"

2.More often we do care for the so called "IMAGE" of ours in society. So knowingly or unknowingly, we can get hypocrtic at times (probably a less elegant way to admit it).In due course, people around us get to know abt us, (the real truth ofcourse).. Then we repent for having projected ourself as someone who we never were in reality... what to do???

>> Well guys just say a flat "NO" when asked to be someone u r not from within.. rather than projecting ur self as somebody else.. (friends it doesnot mean that u curtail all oppurtunites to prove ur ingenuity)

3.Well one more question?? how many of u out there have questioned to urself, what in life is that u always wanted to be / wanted to do and how is ur current job/ course has helped u to do that?? (This came to me as a bouncer a few days back when one of my frnd asked me the same ???)

>> Guys the bottom line is its better to say a flat "NO" right at the begining, if ur not in favour of a decision, rather than nagging about it afterwards..

4.One more, u join ur friends to a pub, where ur best friend offers u a drink or an offer to smoke, but u personally don't prefer to have a drink/smoke.. what do u do ???

>> Beleive me friends 90% of all cases of habitual drinking begin with this small failure to bring that magical word, a flat "NO". Guys say a flat "NO", if u donot like it.. no matter how close he/she is to you..

Friends, these were just a few instances to quote, how important it becomes at times to use this word "NO", so make sure u use it effectively in right situations, so that u never may have to regret for not having said a small flat "NO".

Moral: Its not always about sounding positive, coz it might invite trouble !!!

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